Hair Setting Lotion and Spray

Hair Setting Lotion and Spray

Hair Style Tips Hair Setting Lotion – Get Set and Go

A hair setting lotion and spray is almost always used in a hair salon to help hold shape of the hair once it is dry. these are applied after shampooing, on towel-dried hair. The advantage of setting agents is that they give the hair more body and bounce, and are especially effective on fine hair.

Most hair setting lotions come in different weight ‘holds’. The lighter versions are best suited to casual relaxed hairstyles, while the firmer ones are used on hair that needs real control. Some hair setting lotions come in individual bottles-each containing enough hair setting lotion for one application-while others are in an east-to-use spray form.

The sprit-based lotions are a little too strong for dry, over processed hair, but they are perfect for greasy hair, since the sprit content works as a natural astringent, and should be poured over the hair after shampooing.

Hair sprays also help to hold the shape and set of hair. The modern versions are far removed from the stiff, highly perfumed lacquers of the 1950s and 1960s. Again these come in various ‘holds’, and the strongest is capable of keeping every hair exactly where you want it.

There is a tendency to over-use hair setting spray, and the results can become hard looking and lacking in movement and swing. The best way to use any spray is with a light touch, and then arrange the finishing touches with your fingertips. This makes for a more natural result than just spraying the hair and leaving the spray to set.

Hair setting lotion is important to brush hair setting spray out of the hair every night, otherwise it can cause dryness and damage. If a particular spray does not do the job for you, try switching to a firmer hold of hair spray or try changing brands.

Hair setting lotions perform a useful function, and can make all the difference to a hairstyle. If you like the one used at your hairdressers, ask them for the brand name or if you can purchase it directly from the salon. Don’t use setting lotions in between shampoos on dry hair. Use hair spray sensibly to hold hair in place, or to protect the style against wind and rain. Avoid heavily fragranced sprays, since these may fight with your perfume.

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