Perfect Eye Makeup

A Perfect Eye Makeup

Follow these steps and your perfect  makeup, especially your eyes, will be the envy of every woman!

Apply a Base

Always use an eye primer followed by the eye-base all over eyelid. This will make the color more vibrant and also makes it very easy to blend. If you are looking for more of a natural look, simply apply eye-shadow without any eye-base. In both cases, blending is very important to show the colors best.

Choose the Right Shade

To identify colors that work best for you, use your hair as a guide, not your eyes. This is a mistake many women make. Blondes look good in cream’s while mochas and chocolate browns tend to flatter Brunettes. If you are Auburn or a Redhead, go with coppers, peaches, and reddish browns or cooler tones like pink and lavenders. Gray hair is gorgeous with grays, soft purples, and blues.


Draw a Crease Line

Draw your crease line first (this is especially recommended for beginners) because you can take your lid color and blend in with your crease easily. Take any darker color and apply in your eye crease.

Apply colors

After you are finished with contouring the eye, start putting the other color on the lid. Use alight color in the inner corner of the lid as it helps pops out your eyes and then apply the darker color on the outer corner of the eye. Then use a blending brush and blend between the lines of the two colors in a circular motion, in order to give a more smoky look. When the eye color is complete you shouldn’t be able to see where any of the colors begin or end. Once blended, use a large eye shadow brush, dust theentire eye area with loose powder to help set and blend. Add mascara and eyebrow pencil, as needed. Apply a highlighter to the brow bone.

Apply color to lower lash line

Take a liner brush or angle brush and lightly dampen it with water or mixing medium. Then take some eye shadow pigments and start applying to your lower lash line as an eye liner. You can use two or three different colors to give a more dramatic look or keep it simple with just one color.

Apply Eyeliner & Mascara.

Apply eyeliner takes some concentration and a steady hand for beginners, the easiest way is to start with an eyeliner pencil. When you get enough practice, you can use a liquid or a gel based liner. If you are looking to create a more translucent finish to your cat eye makeup, you should use a shadow liner and brush. You will need to press the shadow as you move it along your eyelash line. Apply two to three coats of mascara and you are done.

Eye Makeup Video

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