Treatment Tips For Skin Whitening

Skin is a very important part of the body. It is soft so it easily gets effected by everything. You can notice good or bad health by seeing the skin. When someone is anemic and has disturbed stomach also, he will have acne, pimples and blemishes. If you are not having enough sleep, black rings will appear around your eyes imbalanced diet and improper blood circulation will make you look dull.

The outer layer is the epidermis – the part we see and touch. It is composed of dead horny cells formed by the protein keratin and a basal cell layer underneath where the new cells are manufactured. The new cells move upwards to the surface where they expire and then are exfoliated. Melanin cells which are responsible for freckles and darkening the skin’s color due to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are also in the dermis. The epidermis has no blood vessels or nerves.

Skin Whitening Tips

Here are a few skin whitening tips on how to make your complexion fair. Nearly all sunburn aids and skin whitening aids like vinegar, potato juice, cucumber juice. Lime juice and buttermilk. etc. are also skin whiteners. But generally all these skin whiteners are good for an oily skin only, because they have a drying on your skin. So you must apply some nourishing cream after using those above-mentioned mild bleachers, if you have a dry skin.

Treatment Tips for Skin Whiteners

  1. Mild serves as a mild bleach and is good for a dry skin also. Soak one slice of lemon in one cup of milk. Then after straining the milk, apply on the face.
  2. A pinch of bicarbonate of soda in a little milk acts as a mild bleach.
  3. Grapes also act as a mild bleach and are milder than lemon juice. Take a bunch of grapes and after washing them, sprinkle them with alum powder and salt. Then wrap them in aluminium foil or brown paper and bake for 20 minutes either in an oven or hot ashes. Squeeze out the juice and wash your face with it. This grape juice is good for freckles too.

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