Best 10 Essential Foods and Vitamins for Hair Growth

Nowadays hair problems are more common. Men are affected by this more when compared with women. Usually, the hair fall makes a women’s hair-thin, but for men, it creates baldness which spoils the beauty of men. So men will get an aged look while they are young. Feeling bad, developing tension may be a reason for hair fall. If the essential nutrients are lacking it may also make the hair fall. If zinc, other vitamins are lacking the hair fall will be more. Here are the best 10 foods and essential vitamins that can be taken for inducing hair growth.

There are so many reasons for hair fall. One is hereditary. It goes from generation to generation. It cannot be prevented. Someone will not take care of the hair initially and when it falls they will feel bad for that.

Foods And Vitamins For Hair Growth

Almond: Vitamin E which is essential for hair growth is available in almond nuts. If we intake almond nuts, blood circulation will be proper to the scalp. So hair growth will be good.

Walnut: Vitamin E and Zinc is available in walnuts. Zinc deficiency is a major cause of hair fall. So having this in the regular diet will stop the hair fall and induce hair growth.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain more proteins, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B, Magnesium and calcium, Hair is made up of protein. So having this increased blood circulation and the hair will become strong.

Fig: Fig fruit contains Vitamin A, B, C, Zinc, Sodium, and potassium. It makes the hair grow and body to be healthy.

Apricot: The hair will lose its strength and fall because of dryness. For treating this problem, Apricot fruit can be eaten. The iron in this fruit regularize the blood circulation, treats anemia, Dryness of the hair will be removed.

Banana: Banana has the essential amino acid tryptophan and potassium. Banana makes the body healthy and keeps the hair silky. It also contains essential oil for hair. The potassium in it provides the hair smoothness.

Berry: A Berry fruit contains vitamin A and E. Amla, strawberry, raspberry contains more. It increases blood circulation to the scalp.

Orange:  Orange contains vitamin-C and Beta Carotene. The scalp cells will grow by having this fruit. The hair will get the essential nutrients and becomes healthy.

Dry grapes: The dry grapes are a pack of iron content. The oxygen flow will be equalized to the body. It provides nutrients to the hair follicles and improves hair growth. It improves blood circulation.

Milk products: Cow milk contains Vitamin A and B12. Skimmed milk, cholesterol less curd can be eaten as a regular diet for strengthens hair.

Foodgrains: Vitamins B5, Inositol are available in grains. Snacks that are made out of grains will make the hair follicles healthy and makes them grow.

Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth.

foods and essential vitamins for hair growth.

The important problem of hair is dryness and less hair growth ratio caused by vitamin deficiency. The food which contains more vitamins can be eaten for hair growth and health.

Vitamin A is important for hair growth and strength. So that we are using hair conditioners after hair wash.

Vitamin B 12 and vitamin B5 helps in the growth of the air and stops hair fall, also avoids grey hair. These vitamins are available in milk products, grains, meat, and egg.

Vitamin C and D are also doing the same work. If we have these foods the hair will absorb the iron and other vitamins and the hair will grow healthy and long. Vitamin C is an antioxidant than vitamin A. The oil glands in the scalp will function properly by having vitamin C, and provides the necessary oil to hair.

Vitamin E is very essential to induce hair growth. The food which contains vitamin E helps in regularizing the blood circulation, synthesize new cells and makes the hair grow. So meat, egg, milk products, vegetables, fruits,  greens, other pulses, cereals all are to be eaten in the daily diet for saying goodbye to hair problems.

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