20 Makeup Tips For Those Applying Makeup First Time

Gone are those days that makeup is only for the film actress. Now a day’s all the girls think like they should look beautiful. A no-makeup look or natural chic is never dated. The key is a flawless tone and glowing complexion. Flushed cheeks, highlighters, contouring, groomed eyebrows, and moisturized lips are also natural look essentials. It is not a big thing to apply makeup. But it should solve the small problems in your skin. Are you going for applying makeup first time? So learn dos and don’ts at makeup first. This page is for you.

Applying Makeup First Time? Dos At MakeupApplying Makeup First Time? Dos At Makeup

  1. The important parts of the face in makeover are eyes and the lips. The eyes reflect the beauty of the heart. For that, we use eyeliner, Eye shadow, and Mascara. We have to use this properly for making the eyes beautiful.
  2. When you returning to the home from outing or workplaces put a quality cleanser as dots on your face and apply it upwardly on the face. Then after one minute clean it with cotton upwardly. This will remove the dirt from the face.
  3. The pores will open after the usage of cleanser. For tightening the skin we have to use toner. Toners depending upon the skin if used regularly the skin will not be loosened and also you remain young.
  4. Next is a moisturizing cream. This is our friend who retains moisture at our skin. This retains our youthfulness. This is the reason behind someone who is looking at 22 even at 40.
  5. Those who are having dry skin should use oil-based creams for makeup. They should strictly avoid oil-free creams or dry powders.
  6. Based upon your skin tone you can choose a foundation, concealer, and compact by using tester. Then only the makeup will not look odd.
  7. Curl your lashes upward to eliminate the need for mascara, or if you can’t do without trying a transparent one so lashes look dewy and delicate.
  8. While doing makeup, careful about making light the eyes or the lips. For instance, if you use dark-colored or shiny eye shadow, use light-colored lipsticks.
  9. It is good to use a biscuit or light-colored eye shadows. Red and maroon colors can be avoided. Red lip color and gloss can be used if you want to look glamorous in the evening party.
  10. So many women wear too much makeup or the wrong shade. Other women don’t moisturize enough and then wear a powder that highlights every crevice.  If you’re feeling like your skin looks dull, the best thing to do is wash your face with warm water and apply an enzyme peel. Then wash again with warm water and apply a hydrating mask. After 15 or 20 minutes, wash again and apply an antioxidant product and a little makeup.

Applying Makeup First Time? Don’ts at Makeup

Applying Makeup First Time? Don’ts at Makeup

  1. Don’t use excessive concealers for covering the dark circles. Concealer will cover the dark circles only to an extent and it will not cure them. Silicon mixed makeup kit should be used for this.
  2. Draw a dark single line below the eyes using a kohl pencil. For getting the dark and narrow line to scribble something in the paper using kohl pencil and then draw. If the kohl pencil is used darker in density the eyes will look smaller. It will not be highlighted.
  3. By applying quality moisturizing creams all over the body may also give the moisture and the glow to the skin. Have more fruit juices and avoid taking a bath in hot water.
  4. Don’t use artificial eyelashes. Try to use mascara. Applying excessive mascara will look abnormal. Use it in single or double coats. Use Blushers only at the time of parties.
  5. Don’t use excessive lip gloss on lipstick. Then lipstick may drip from lips.
  6. Don’t use eye shadows and mascara matching your dress color. It may show you an ultra-modern girl but it will not be suitable for that place.
  7. Don’t use excessive makeup while you go out important places in the day time. Choose all the cosmetics with sunscreen protection.  Waterproof Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick is available in the market. If we use these kinds of products, water or sweat may destroy the makeup.
  8. Have a foundation and compact with you always. You can touch up if your work is delayed for some time you want to go directly to the theater or somewhere else? Don’t worry. Put a makeup to at least your eyes. It will be looking like refreshed.
  9. Don’t go out after immediately after makeup. Apply makeup before one hour of going out. So that the makeup mingle with the skin and looks natural. Otherwise, it will look like paint applied on the wall.
  10. Sweating is common to more people. They may place ice cubes on the face before applying makeup. If you get any irritation because of makeup wash the face immediately. The makeup once applied should be in the face for only 4 hours. If it lasts more than this time, the chemicals will penetrate to the skin. The makeup should be removed after four hours and can be applied after half an hour if you want to be in makeup all day.

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