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3 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Are you going to coloring your hair? Know it better about hair coloring.

Hair coloring has become a dominating trend in the fashion world. Somebody uses coloring for adding beauty to the hair and some use it for grey coverage. Hair coloring is a unique way to change one’s appearance. Now hair colors are available in the market for various types of hair and in various colors.

3 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

It is the trend that both men and women are changing their hair colors. In older days we were searching for how to change the hair into black and now we are changing the hair color matching to our dress. By using without proper guidance and choosing less quality hair colors may affect the hair and also the skin.

Changing the hair colors often may result in irritation on the head, forehead, and neck, inflammation on some parts, unusual hair fall, or change of color into white or yellow. Even the hair becomes rough like thorns. For avoiding this we must choose the colors which contain fewer chemicals. It is better to choose a beauty parlor than coloring ourselves. We should not go for natural hair color like henna pack immediately after applying chemical hair color.

Types of Hair Colors

Coloring Your Hair

The colors which are used for hair coloring comes in various forms like liquid, powder, oil creams, and gels. For permanent hair coloring gel and others are used and for temporary and semi-permanent colorings mascara, crayons, and other sprays are used. The expenses for coloring are based on the hair length of the hair. Short and medium length hairs will look beautiful if colored.

We should decide whether we prefer permanent or temporary hair coloring. For Grey coverage, we can prefer permanent hair colors. Also, we should decide on global coloring or highlighting.

Hair Coloring Methods

Highlighting, streaking, frosting, finger painting are some of the methods in hair coloring. The modern youths prefer highlighting and streaking generally. Hair separated into may parts and applying colors is called highlighting. Brown and golden colors are suitable for dusk skin and red color is suitable for fair skin.

We can avoid using copper and red colors if one wants to persist the hair color for a long time. Because these hair colors will fade off soon. After hair coloring, the shampoo and conditioners should be used which are specially made for staying a long time. We can get a consultation from the expert on the maintenance of hair after coloring. We must ensure that the cosmetics on their quality.

Go Natural Coloring

Types of Hair Colors

The solution for the chemically treated hair should come for becoming natural hair :

Filter the tea and take the tea decoction. Apply this twice in a week and rinse the hair. Second time add the “Kadukkai” skin and boil the decoction and then use this for rinsing the hair. If done this regularly for one month the roughness of the hair will go off. The hair will turn black gradually.

Young henna leaves 50 gram, Amla-1/4 kg, Neem leaves-2 gram- Grind this along with gingelly oil. This paste is kept under the sun by mixing it with ½ kg coconut oil. This will become a balm. We can apply this daily before combing the hair so that the hair will grow black.

Take a juice of beetroot and mix it along with shikakai, and wash it using this. Do this weekly once so then you can see your hair is shining within 3 months. There is no need for hair color or dye after this.

Homemade Treatment for Irritation and Inflammation

Generally for those who use colors often will get problems like irritations, inflammations, rashes, mouth ulcer, hair fall, and graying of hair. There is a solution to all these problems. Those who are fond of long and healthy hair should not go for hair colors.

Grind 2 pieces of coconut and 1 teaspoon of white pepper and boil it for some time. Apply it on hair while it is in the warm stage and rinse it immediately. If it is applied twice the irritation and inflammation will be decreased and also dandruff will be removed.

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