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Body Wash Types And Its Benefits

In older days everyone might have the experience of taking bath using soap from top to bottom. It is not like now a day that we have a special shampoo for hair and face washes for face. Now we are using different products for hair, body and face. In the last chapter we have seen only the face wash which cleanses the face alone. Likewise there is body wash which cleanse the body. The benefits of using body wash, how to choose the body wash all can be discussed here.

Those who are using soap are changing to body wash now. It is easy to use it also. If we are not able to use a separate soap in home, then we have to share the same soap. It is not healthy habit. It is difficult to carry the soap while travelling and getting back the used wet soap. Body wash becomes as a solution for all this. It is in the form of a shampoo and we can take a little quantity and in the palm and apply directly to the whole body. It is easy to carry anywhere.

Types of Body Wash

There are two types of body washes. One is shower gel where as the other one is moisturizing body wash.

Shower Gel

Shower gel will be as like as shampoo and will be available in various colours. The preliminary work of this is to cleanse which contains water and sodium laureth sulphate. The surfactants present in this are capable of removing the oiliness of the skin. There will be conditioning agents in this to avoid the skin from drying.

Moisturizing Body Wash

These will be little tight like lotion. It is available in the name of cream oil, deep moisture and nourishing. This also contains water and sodium laureth sulphate. Along with that it may have soyabean, sunflower oil or petroleum jelly. If we are using it there will be some foamy characteristic after using it. It will not cause the dryness like shower gel.

We are using the cleansers to cleanse the dusts and impurities. Some type of cleansers will remove the natural oils of the skin. But we will use the moisturizer for not making the skin dry. Moisturizer should be applied on the skin immediately after bathing even when the wetness is present in the skin. Moisturizing body wash will do this both works.

For Anti-Aging

This type of moisturizing body wash is suitable for the skin type which exhibits the aging signs soon. The vitamin E, which is added in some times of moisturizing body wash, gives more nutrients to the skin.

For Sensitive Skin

Those who are having the sensitive skin may create some allergic action to some people. The flavours and the preservatives which are added to them may create the allergy. They may avoid using the body wash or may use the organic body wash which will not contain the flavour or preservatives.

For Allergy Skin

For the problematic skin, they can use the anti-septic body wash with the prescription of the doctor. It is in the form of a shampoo and we can take a little quantity and in the palm and apply directly to the whole body. It is easy to carry it anywhere.

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