What Are The Different Types Of Spa Treatments?

If we examine the origin of the word, a dictionary says that it is an art that was started at Belgium at the time of Romanian hands-on raise. Another dictionary says that it is a joyful bath that contains the minerals and medicinal plants in the water. But our country people say the synonyms more elaborately. i.e, steam bath, floral bath to massage, and lengthens up to fish bite.

All are different types of spa treatments. The ayurvedic treatments which we crossed in the early days went to western countries and return us back in many different names. Whatever the treatment, you prefer, the spa refreshes you, gives you peacefulness, good blood circulation, and good sleep are some of the benefits out of Spa.

What Are The Different Types Of Spa Treatments?

Likewise, each spa treatment contains a scrub, body drop, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, foot reflexology, steam bath, sauna bath, and hydrotherapy. Let us discuss the different types of spa treatments that are available everywhere in the spas.

Sauna Bath (Thermal Bath)


In a small room, the river stones are kept on the stove or heater which approximately produces 70°C  to 80°C heat in the atmosphere. The heat from the stone spreads throughout the room. Lie down and do not worry about anything in the room for 15 minutes, close your eyes and be quiet. The sweat drains like a river from the body, and we can feel pleasant when the unwanted wastes go out of the body through sweating. Shortly, a small rest for a few minutes while the sweating is more is called a thermal bath.

Steam Bath

Different Types Of Spa Treatments

It is similar to a sauna bath. But there will not be moisture content in the thermal bathroom. But this room contains 100 percent humidity. In this room, the heater is placed and the waterfall will be on the heater. To retain the moisture in the room will be constructed with marble stones.

Water vapor is produced when the waterfalls on the heater. Eucalyptus oil along with other medicinal oils are poured on the floor and herbal fragrance spread across the room. 10-15 minutes rest inside the room is enough. On the other hand, herbal oil balances breathing and the water vapor body brings out the wastes from the body.

Leaving a gap for a few minutes, we can continue the steam bath after wetting the body in cool water. Similarly, after giving a massage to the body with herbal oils, we can take the steam bath to feel refresh.

Hydrotherapy (Water Pressure Bath)


It is almost like a bath in a tub. Water comes only from one place from the outside to the bathtub. But more than ten locations in the inside of the tank, warm water comes out with good pressure by the pump from the motor. In addition, perfumed flowers will be floating in the water. So we can get pleasure like a massage and also we will feel the perfume. In short, we can feel like the invisible soft fingers touching your body massaging the entire body and every nerve.

Aromatherapy (Floral Oil Massage)


Aroma means flavor.  The oils extracted from various herbs like almonds, olives, grape seed, jojoba (an oil extracted from the seeds of an American shrub, widely used in cosmetics) are applied and massaged all over the body. Soft and relaxing massage in some cases, and sometimes they increase in pressure. The massage takes about an hour. In short, it is our country’s traditional oil bath.

Hot Stone Therapy (Massage with Hot Stones)


After completion of regular massage, a vegetable oil geranium is slightly heated and the lava stones are dipped into it and place it on our backs. The important acupressure points at the back are induced by placing the tolerable hot stones with oiliness.

Foot Reflexology (Foot Massage)


The least cared part of our body is our legs. We usually won’t give the necessary care to the feet. But this treatment is special for feet! People say that this treatment alone is enough to get the benefits of the entire spa.  A massage is don’t below the knees up to foot with a specially made moisturizing cream for one hour. There are links of the nerves of our body at our feet. When massaged by the hands and the special sticks the nerves are triggered. Working long hours in sitting positions, starting from teenagers to middle-aged people prefer aromatherapy and reflexology treatments.

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