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Hair Bleaching at Home with Blonde Colorants

Hair bleaching works on a similar principle to a permanent tint, but the volume of hydrogen peroxide used will be slightly greater. The exact strength of the solution and the amount of time needed for it to take effect will depend totally on the natural hair color. And since bleaching hair in the home can make the hair extremely dry and porous, you should get professional advice before embarking on this process.

Hair Bleaching at Home with Blonde Colorants

Hair Bleaching at Home with Blonde Colorants

During hair bleaching at home, the first tone to go is black and brown. At this stage, the hair will have a distinct orange tinge. The next tone to go is red and yellow. A professional colorist will know exactly when the bleaching effect is at the right level, and will then apply various toners to even out the color.

Bleach application can be tricky, which is why a visit to the salon is essential. Ideally, bleaches are applied to the middle lengths of hair first, then the roots, and finally the ends-this keeps the bleaching effect even.

Any hair bleaching product or process will dry the hair, so you must be prepared to condition your hair after every shampoo and to have weekly deep-conditioning treatments with oils. Bleached hair must be kept covered in the sun. Otherwise, it will dry out to such a degree that splitting and breakages become a real problem.

To achieve pale blonde shades, some form of hair bleaching is usually the answer. Hair that is already fair-dark blonde and lighter-can be given an exciting lift when treated with a blonde colorant. Blonde colorants can be very successful on all shades of hair that are naturally blonde, but darker colors will need to be treated with a pre-bleach process designed to strip the hair of its pigmentation. This is particularly harsh and should never be attempted at home.

You only have one head of hair, so you should always treat it kindly. Bleaching hair is a harsh, drying process that leaves the hair extremely porous and lacking in softness and elasticity. Because of its dry state, bleached hair will lose its natural sheen and shine.

If you are already blonde, you can use various mild products to lift the color a shade or two. If you are naturally dark-haired, the hair must first be stripped of its pigmentation. Seek professional advice on hair bleaching-if your hairdresser does not recommend it for your hair, think about having a handful of highlights instead.

Home Hair Colorants Advanced Breakthroughs.

Over the last 20 years, people have gone from wanting natural hair colors that provide great grey coverage, to wanting strong, vibrant, fashion statement shades. Color is no longer limited to just one generation – in fact, it is now regarded as important as clothing: interchangeable and reflective of fashion and celebrities.

In the last decade, the major breakthroughs include root tough-up products, which allow consumers to just touch-up their roots, as opposed to coloring the entire length meaning that damage to the hair is reduced significantly; ten-minute coloring products, which shows how hair coloring technology has become increasingly quicker, as people lives become more hectic; and ammonia-free products, which mean that color is more gentle and caring for the hair.

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