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The Main Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

When the women cross 30 years, aged look starts to appear. The long and dense hair will show the women younger even after 40’s.  Only now a day the polluted atmosphere and the chemical cosmetics cause baldness in women too. So the women appear as aged even in the young age. An expert of cosmetologist speaks about the reasons of hair loss in the forehead and the baldness in women.

In general, the entire surface of human body may have around 0.5 million hair. The head itself may have more than 0.1 million hair. The hair will be in growing stage up to 20 years of age. When they are nearing 30, there will be mild hair loss up to 10%. When there is hair loss than this i.e., more than 20% hair, then the problem begins. Which means in 20 years hair loss for 30% and in the age of 30, 50% hair loss occurs, and then they should consult a doctor definitely.

In earlier days, only the men have the baldness. Now a days 33 percentage of women are also having baldness. Even if we apply the shampoos, conditioners, enhancers and oils which are advertised, there is no hair growth. For this the secretion of hormones stop at the scalp and the deficiency of protein, zinc and iron are the important reasons.

Nutrition deficiency:

The loss of Iron, Zinc, Protein nutrients at the time of menstruation and delivery time for women may cause hair fall. Protein is essential for hair growth. It induces hair growth and protects the hair. When there is protein deficiency, the hair color changes and becomes weak and breakage occurs. Heavy bleeding at the time of periods may lead to anemia. Hair loss may occur if there is deficiency in iron, not only anemia. Likewise, zinc is essential for body growth. Even if this is present in many food items, blood may not be able to absorb this. Also if some diseases affect the body there may be deficiency in zinc. There may be hair loss due to this also. If there is iron deficiency, there should be supplements and we should take care of food also. Dates, Curry leaves, greens may be taken in food to prevent iron deficiency.

Hormone Deficiency:


When women have thyroid problem, and if they intake hormone tablets for this, may also induce hair fall. In general, the hormones will be same to both male and female up to the age of 12. But now the diseases and the medicines and injections taken for this, may cause hormone problems. So there may be hair growth all over the body like men. When there is growth in all over the body, there may be hair fall at the front portion of the head. Heat increases in head and there may be heat boils in scalp. This will also lead to hair loss.

Artificial Hair:

Now a days, artificial are better than natural products. It is the fashion today to clip the hairs at the place of hair loss. The celebrities who come in television mostly fix the hair extension and synthetic hairs. Now the clippable hairs are available in the market suitable to our hair. Some body use to give more pressure to comb the hair in the front part of the scalp. So the front portion is affected much. We can clip the hairs at this place. This can be used stylish.

Those who have hair loss problems should check their thyroid levels. Also check the functions of ovaries and the iron content. If it is hormonal problem, we should add fish in our food. This can be cured with medicines. If there is excess amount of male hormone, they should undergo treatments. Natural dye, chemical less shampoos, shikakai can be used. The daily hair wash can decrease the body heat. Keeping the hair clean may also decrease hair fall. The other reasons for hair loss in women are Telogen effluvium, Hereditary, Hypothyroidism, Lupus, Iron deficiency anemia, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Skin conditions of the scalp, Alopecia areata and Excessive styling too.

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