5 Stage Makeup Tips for Mesmerizing Eyes

Women are more conscious about their beauty than men. The mirror will shout if it has a mouth while we do a makeover in front of it. We will take that much time for that. At the time of any occasion or party, we do not have words to explain that. The modern girls do not go out without makeup. We use to have a small minus even when we makeover for hours. If we make over the eyes properly, half of the beauty lies in that. If there is any drawback in the eye makeup, there will not be beauty. The eyes play a key role in makeup. So it is essential to know the five-stage makeup tips for mesmerizing eyes.

Makeup Tips for Mesmerizing Eyes

#1 Start with Eye Shadows


Eye shadows have three variants namely light, medium, and dark. Find suitable eye shadows for your eye color. Choose quality eye shadows around the beauty shops and it must be used. Light color shadows can be used in the day times and medium and dark color shadows can be applied in the evening and night times. The woman has dark in color should concentrate on their eye makeover. Blue and green colors should be avoided by them. Brown, Maroon, and chocolate shades can be applied. Shimmers must be avoided for giving a shining effect.

#2 Work with Eyeliner


The next stage in eye makeup is eyeliner. Nowadays applying thick eyeliner is the trend. The eyeliner should be used as a pencil. The liquid-based eyeliner might smudge and spoil the beauty of the eyes later. If the eyeliner which is used in the lower part of the eyes is brown and coffee bean in color, will express the beauty of the kajal highly, which is used in upper lids. The line in the lower lid should be light in dense. Eyeliners if used in brown color the eyes will often give a mesmerizing looks to the eyes, and it can change the shape of the eye little bigger. Use volume enhancer or lash fantasy types of mascara instead of using ordinary mascara the eyelashes along with the eye will be highlighted. All three stages will enhance the beauty of the eyes.

#3 Conscious with Mascara

The third stage is the mascara. Applying mascara is an important tool in applying makeup. mascara-1For showing the eyelashes dense, black colored mascara should be used. Double coat can be applied if a single coat is not Even if there is very little hair in the eyebrow, threading will give shape to the eyebrow and look pretty. The eyebrow if in bough shape the eyes will look much beautiful. Use brown or skin color eye shadows instead of using other colors.enough.  Mascara should not be used in excess. Because if it smudges, will give a bad look. If mascara application goes in excess lash curler or brushes to be used for combing and taking the excessive mascara.

#4 Shaping Eyebrows

shaping eyebrows

Always find your face shapes before shaping eyebrows. Eyebrows can be with small curve will be perfect for those having an oval-shaped face. Don’t make the space wider in between the eyebrows if the nose is a bit wider. If eyebrows are near face will look smaller and eyes too.

Those who are having square-shaped face cuts can make the eyebrows curvy arch-shaped so that the face will look like oval-shaped. It will provide an aged look if the eyebrows are too curvy at the end. So change them.

Those who are having round shaped face can make their eyebrows to below at the end. There is no need for those who are having dark skin color and beautiful face cut.

#5 Coloring Eyelashes

Use dark shadows at the upper side of the lashes to show the lashes small.coloring-eyelashes

Then use the lighter shade of the same color in the middle and again use the darker shade at the end. At the beginning of the eyes use the eyeliner darkly and bring beauty to the beautiful mesmerizing eyes.

Use the dark color of the eye shadow and draw a dark line above the eyelashes and then fill with the light shade of the same color. Now start the eyeliner with a darker line and end up with a narrow line. Now the small eyes will look a little wider.

For those who are having eyes looking towards inside, without using eye shadows eyeliners alone can be applied darkly towards outside of the lashes. Have these makeup tips in mind while sitting in front of the mirror and bring out our beauty.

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