Premature Grey Hair in Teenagers – Causes and Remedies

Nowadays teenagers are facing big challenges about their hair growth, hair fall, and grey hair. In this fastest modern lifestyle, the biggest problem faced by teenagers is premature greying hair. Grey hair problem is started at a young age, not like their older generation. White hair is the natural process of growing old. We all know we will get the grey hair in our old age like ’40s and ’50s. But younger generations are getting grey hair in their 20 years.

Premature Grey Hair Causes

There are some reasons for the premature grey hair in teenagers. Scientifically, genetic is the main cause of premature greying in teenagers. Excessive brain functioning, extreme anxieties, depression, excessive thinking about a problem is becoming some other important causes of premature greying hair in teenagers.

The tension and stress that they are affected are more nowadays. This is the main reason to turn the hair grey at a young age. The aged people will get tension and stress often. So, the aged people are getting grey hair in that period. If the teenagers stay with such feeling it will make their hair turn grey. So be relaxed always.

premature grey hair in teenagers

Regularly we are using shampoo, bath soaps which can also be the reason for this. In the older years our ancestors used a powder from the tree, usually called soapnut powder (arappu powder), and shikakai, chickpea flour, moong dhal flour, which helped their hair to stay shiny and black hair till their 60’ and 70’s without hair loss. The most important useful home remedies which are used to stay youthful in our lives are Curry leaves, gooseberry, hibiscus, carrot, and lemon.

Premature Grey Hair in Teenagers – Remedies

  1. In recent research, excessive dandruff leads to grey hair. So you have to clean your scalp without dandruff always. To remove dandruff mix the lemon juice with the henna apply it on the scalp and rinse it which will clean dandruff.
  2. Nutrition deficiency is also another cause of grey hair. The younger generation is being in the diet for maintaining their body to slim.
  3. In recent research says copper deficiency is the main reason for grey hair. Because copper produces the melanin which will give the color to our hair. So copper deficiency is one of the main reasons for the gray hair. The copper content is high in seafood. Crab, lemon and mushroom.
  4. There is a natural medicine for some cases, who does not know the reason for the grey hair. They have to take the flush of Ridge gourd, grind it well and soak it in coconut oil for an hour, apply it on your hair soak for one hour then rinse it off.
  5. The great secret behind the black hair of the Indians is Curry leaves. We can add the curry leaves in our recipe or soak it in the warm oil, and use it for applying your hair, used to prevent the hair turn to grey.
  6. Make a dry powder of curry leave and soak it in the boiled coconut oil and keep it for a week. Filter it and use the oil for hair application to keep your hair black and to stop the hair loss. If you apply the lemon juice to your hair before take a head bath is good to your eye and hair.
  7. Gooseberry juice application is also good for hair. Cut the gooseberry into small pieces and soak it in the gingelly oil for a week and massage it twice in a week will improve the hair density. Continuous intake of carrot and drink the carrot juice without sugar is not only good for health, but it is good for your hair too. The carotenoid is important to your hair. At any cost don’t apply carrot juice to your hair.
  8. Don’t dry your hair in the sun. Apply oil to your hair. The younger generation is not interested in going out with the oily face and hair. Especially girls are interested to be with free hair and shown that they are bright. If you have really cared about your hair, then you should not use the soap and shampoo and other chemical products.
  9. Soak your hair in coconut oil or gingelly oil then you take bath. Massage your scalp properly then pour the water. This will improve the hair healthiness and improve your overall health and younger look.
  10. Eat foods rich in iron, minerals, and Vitamin A and B. The use of Indian gooseberry is the foremost among the home remedies, is found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature graying of hair.

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