10 Beauty Tips for Protect Skin and Hair During Summer

It is a big worry to the women to protect their skin and hair during summer. Standing or walking under the hot sun for a long time may result in darkening, wrinkling of the skin and may lose the glow. If the hair is exposed to the sun, the black color of the hair will turn into brown. The glamorous eyes become tired too.

Major problems are caused by ultraviolet rays in summer to the skin. The skin will turn black if exposed to UV rays. This problem will be increased if exposed continuously. Sunscreen lotions can protect the skin from UV rays. We can buy these creams and apply on the skin in all the parts which are exposed to the sun. In these bottles, SPF measure (10 to 60) will be mentioned.

If you buy the cream in which SPF is mentioned as 10 it can protect the skin from the sun for (10 to 50) 50 minutes. You can apply this cream on all the parts where the sun can affect when you go out in the sun for one hour. On traveling for a long time in the hot sun for a picnic or on spending more time in hill stations you can use 30 or 40 SPF. Sun will affect directly on the face, hands, an upper and lower part of the neck. We have to apply sunscreen lotions on all these parts.

You can go out after applying this cream and after coming back we can wash this or else leave it as it is. If needed to go out in the second half of the day we can wash the previously applied cream and then reapply the cream. Collagen protein is there under our skin. This will shrink when sun rays fall on them. Collagen is also there under the skin below the eyes. Collagen under the eyes will wrinkle while sun rays falling on them. For balancing this, we can apply the cream with collagen below the eyes and around the mouth.

More concentration, small effort, necessary skin, and hair care and simple following tips are enough to maintain the beauty in summer. We can follow the below-mentioned beauty tips for protecting skin and hair during summer.

10 Beauty Tips for Protect Skin and Hair During Summer

Protect Skin and Hair During Summer

  1. Enough amounts of fat and water content are necessary for our skin. Since excessive sweat is excreted by the skin in summer there will be a scarcity of water to the body. We have to intake more water and other liquids to balance internal needs. Moisturizer should be applied externally. If we maintain like this both internally and externally, there will not be any major effect on beauty in summer.
  2. If hands, face, eyes are already affected by the sun, apply Vitamin E oil on that and wash it after 30 minutes. You can leave it too without washing.
  3. Sandal will also improve the beauty of the skin. Boil one liter of water; add one handful of pink color rose petals. After one hour filter this water and take this water and rub sandal stone with sandalwood. Apply this sandal on the blackened skin and prickles. After half an hour wash it with cold water.
  4. Tea is also useful in decreasing skin darken. Use some Bengal gram flour in tea decoction and make it into a paste. Apply it on face and neck using a brush and leave it for 15 minutes. After it gets dried wash it. Wash the used tea bags and place it on eyes. This will make your eye which is tired of the heat.
  5. Cucumber contains the vitamins and silicon minerals which can provide healthy and glowing skin. Placing the cucumber on the eyes will not provide many benefits. Scrap it or grind it and apply it on the face. This will provide considerably larger benefits.
  6. Body heat increases in summer. So the body will lose its balance and there will be inflammations, irritations. For decreasing the body heat apply gingelly oil from top to bottom of the body. Leave it undisturbed for half an hour to one hour. Wash the hair with Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) and body with green gram flour. Do this twice a week and you can feel the body coolness.
  7. Our hair looks black normally. But if we look into that deeply there will be blue, violet, brown, light brown, orange, and red color mixtures. The sun rays in summer if falls on the hair for a long time first it will lose the blue color and the hair becomes brown. For avoiding this we can apply sun protective oil and shampoos in summer. Those who cannot buy these products should regularize the habit of applying oil to hair.
  8. The organic oils are extracted from nuts like almond. This is suitable for hair growth and dense. And also provides a soothing effect. We can use this oil in summer continuously.
  9. In the summer season, one of the most important problems for women is body odor. Apocrine and endocrine are the glands in the body. The farmer produces sweat all over the body whereas the later secretes more in the areas where there are more hairs. The sweat in these areas will produce a bad odor because of the growth of the bacteria. The bacteria grow because of lack of oil content and air circulation. The persons having the body odor problem can put camphor in the bucket of water and have a bath on that. In Luke warm water put a handful of Neem leaves, and bath in this water after half an hour. Can use the deodorants without chemicals. Spray the deodorant after a bath.
  10. Women must carry a quality cooling glass, hat, umbrella while going out in the summer. Black color will attract UV rays. So avoid using black color umbrellas and should use other colors.

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