Types Of Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

We can measure the health of a person based on the nails. Nails should be pink in colour. If it is pale or yellow in colour and if they have dots in it are the symptoms of unhealthiness. We should give maintenance to the nails as such we take care of the skin and the hair. Consider this guide to know about the types of nail polish, nail polish remover, chemical contains made out and the things that we should have in mind while choosing them.

Types of Nail Polish

types of nail polishWomen choose nail polish to keep their nails long, strong and beautiful. Nail polish comes in many colors and many forms. In before red, maroon and silver colors only where used. But now yellow, green and even black colors are in fashion. Nail polish has more types like, shimmer, foil, chrome, metallic, glitter, holographic, textured, neon, jelly, and crème, etc., Nail polish is one of the cosmetics which are sold more in number worldwide.

Quick Drying Nail polish

These type of nail polishes will dry in two minutes while other types take a little time to dry.

Strengthening Nail polish

It strengthens the nails with fiber and proteins. It prevents from breaking the nails. Especially typist, persons using the keyboard can use this to avoid breaking of nails.

Chemicals Contain in Nail Polish Made Out

Nail polish is made out of 3 types of chemicals namely Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate. All these chemicals may cause cancer, the problem in pregnancy, Hormone problems and nervous system problems. These dangerous chemicals are mixed with petrol. These can cause eye irritation, allergy, and respiratory problems. Some type of nail polishes are marked as non-toxic but still, they will definitely have the chemical mixture. The chemicals like film foaming agent and nitrocellulose are added in this. If pregnant women use this type of chemical mixed nail polish they may get the headache. And the skin around the nails may become thick and dry and may become yellowish in colour.

They say that the water-based Nail polish does not contain the chemical but still, it has the chemical called nitrocellulose auto painting mixture in it. This pigment removes the natural colour of the nails so that it becomes yellow in colour.

Chemicals Contain in Nail Polish Remover Made Out

People are using nail polish remover to remove the old nail polishes in large numbers. Nail polish remover is made out of the same chemicals which are used in making nail polish and in a different proportion.

It has two types namely acetone and non-acetone. Acetone will be very strong. It will remove the nail polish easily. But it is not good. It removes the natural moisture from the nail and the portions around the nails. Sometimes the portions around the nails will be white in colour. It is the symptom of using the acetone type of nail polish. Avoid the removers containing the formaldehyde. If we use the remover containing acetone the nails will be affected and it will become rough. It will also break often. The natural colour of the nails will be changed.

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