9 Steps For Perfect Hair Removal Waxing at Home

The Important Things to Know About Waxing At Home!

Will anyone doesn’t like to have soft and smooth skin? Everyone is attracted towards soft skin. The tiny hair that are present in the skin may spoil all the efforts that we have done with the cosmetics. So mostly all the people will like to remove the hair. The one way of removal of hair is called as waxing done with the use of wax.

Waxing is a popular kind of temporary removal of unwanted hair present in the body. It is not emerged recently. It is an old method where Egyptian women used this for removal of small hair with this. It is not like shaving hair, since it will take 3-8 weeks for the growth of the hair. It is a sticky one, but it is a best choice for hair free skin.

The hair regrowth is decreased considerably in this method. The new hair grown will also be soft. There will be internal growth in this method. Now Veet and Nair products are available in the market to prevent the internal hair growth. To get benefit out of vaccination, we have to apply some powder on the skin before doing waxing. So it will be easy to remove the hair and then pain will also be decreased. Waxing can be done once in 15 days.

Waxing will not be suitable for tiny hair which is newly grown. We should avoid using this for face often. If we do it, the skin will be loosened. Threading is the best one for face. We can use this for even the bikini areas. The beauty salons do like Brazilian waxing and panty liner waxing etc. We can do this in home itself, if we can bear the pain. The skin will be very smooth after waxing. Even the skin will remain smooth even after the regrowth of the hair.

Types of waxing.

Warm or hot waxing: It is a common type. In this wax, sugar will be present which helps to remove the hair easily. This is very effective method than cold wax. In most of the beauty salons, this waxing is done.

Cold waxing: This wax is available in all the drug store. This method is used to do waxing in home.

Waxing At Home!


We have to spread the wax evenly like a thin layer, in the direction of hair growth. Then use a cloth or paper and apply pressure on the wax and then remove it to the opposite direction of hair growth. By doing like this, the wax attaches with the hair and removes it and thus we can get the smooth hair.

The following 9 perfect steps are guide to removal of unwanted hair on hands, legs, stomach and bikini areas by waxing at home.

  1. Firstly buy the wax which is suitable for the skin type.
  2. Then heat the wax gently and not to maximum heat. Because it may cause the burns.
  3. Cleanse the hands and legs and dry them off.
  4. Then before the wax cools down, apply it on the legs in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Now take a cotton cloth or piece of paper and apply pressure up to the wax gets cooled.
  6. Then remove the cloth or the paper in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  7. After removal of hair spread a wet cloth on the area.
  8. We have to repeat the above things until all the hair are removed.
  9. After the hair removal we should apply the moisturizers. In particular the facial and the eye brows must be removed in the parlours and not in the home.


  • Those who are diabetic and those who do not have blood circulation in balance, should not do waxing.
  • If you intake the drugs like Retin A, Renova, Differin and Isotretionin then you should not undergo waxing.
  • Waxing should not be done on warts, pimples and places affected by sun burns.
  • Don’t apply wax on the uneven places and the swollen area.


  • It will take 3-8 weeks for the hair growth in waxing. Also the hair grown again will be soft.
  • When comparing with shaving like methods, there will not be cuts and wounds due to waxing.
  • In this method, the dead cells of the skin are also removed along with the hair and the skin will be smooth.
  • The waxing done in correct interval will control the hair growth.


  • Waxing is the temporary method to remove the unwanted hair and it is not a permanent one.
  • There will be severe pain when we detach the cloth from the wax.
  • Waxing is little costlier than shaving and other methods.

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