The Procedure And Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

Your youthfulness bids off at the age of 20+. Starting thirty is the start point of all the diseases. The forty years we started disliking us for various reasons. The fifty age deforms all our normal activities and makes us weak. Many of them are struggling with this kind of lifestyle. Even though we follow a healthy eating style and proper exercise the pollution in our environment doesn’t make us healthy. From air to drinking water it is heavily polluted. By taking all the pollution inside how can we travel in a healthy living way?

The Procedure and Benefits of Ozone Therapy

So what is the best remedy for this? Ozone therapy and anti-oxidant therapy is one of the best therapies for a healthy life. An expert says that this therapy is introduced in India and you can see the procedure and benefits of ozone therapy.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a famous therapy in both India and abroad countries. Our environment is also deprived of oxygen so we can’t breathe ozone. The expert explains the importance of oxygen, when we inhale oxygen it enters the lungs and from the lungs, the oxygen is supplied throughout the body by blood vessels. When there is oxygen deficiency in the cells get deprived and less active and sometimes it turns to no activity of the cell.

The Procedure of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy done by various methods, usually ozone and oxygen mixture is injected muscle, under the skin or directly into veins or injected by blood vessels.

Ozone is O3 (3 oxygen atoms combine) also can be drawn the blood and mixed with ozone/oxygen mixture and sent it back to the required patient’s body. Nearly 250 ml of the blood is drawn from the patient depending upon the disease condition and requirement condition it is then exposed to a mixture of ozone/oxygen and the blood is re-injected it to the patient’s body. The blood is cleansed and enhances the oxygen to the hemoglobin and it will make it refreshing and rejuvenating. The same treatment can be done with up to 2 liters of blood. It depends on their needs and problems.

benefits of ozone therapy

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy Kills Bacteria and Viral Infection

We call O3 as ozone when this is mixed with saline water it will be dissolved and active till 20 minutes. This saline water is injected into the body through the vein. O3 is dispersed into O2 and it is consumed by the organs of the body, the remaining one oxygen is used to fight against the bacteria and other viral infection. This ozone therapy refreshes the cells of the body.

Ozone Therapy For Vaginal Infection

This therapy is also used to cure vaginal infection and low back infection. Women suffering from vaginal infection can be taken this o3 therapy through their vaginal part after their menstrual cycle.

Ozone Therapy for Anti-Aging

There is a lot of methods and treatment available in cosmetology to rejuvenate anti-aging. But ozone therapy makes you look younger by increasing the amount of oxygen in your cells and in your blood. The oxygen-enriched body gives better glowing skin and nurture the hair growth and gives a beautiful outlook. The toxic level of the body increases day by day by various factors like our food style, chemical preservatives, pollution, adulterants an, etc. though if we take fruits and vegetables the antioxidant level will not be sufficient enough to fight against the free radicals. Hence people suffering from deficient antioxidant level can be diagnosed by a blood test and can be injected the antioxidant into their blood.

Ozone Therapy for Infertility

Many people got failed in their infertility treatment. Those people can try this therapy once so that their possibility of the success rate will be increased for sure.

Ozone Therapy Prevents Heart Disease

Patients suffering from heart disease, cancer, and for the people who believe prevention is better than cure can undergo this treatment according to the surgeon prescribed amount and can lead a healthy life.

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