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Types and Varieties of Waxing To Remove Unwanted Hair

Will anyone doesn’t like to have soft and smooth skin? Everyone is attracted towards soft skin. The tiny hair that are present in the skin may spoil all the efforts that we have done with the cosmetics. So mostly all the people will like to remove the hair. The one way of removal of hair is called as waxing done with the use of wax.

We can remove the unwanted hair of the body by threading, depilation, razor, epilator and waxing. Waxing is a very easy method to remove the hair from root and it is less painful. The wax for this are available ready made in shops. We can also prepare them in home and use it. We cannot remove all the hair in any methods even if we have more methods to do hair removing. It may take more time. It will also be painful. Waxing is a very easy method to remove the hair from root and it is less painful. There are two types of waxing for removing unwanted hair done by home and beauty parlor and also many varieties of waxing available in the cosmetic store.

Hot Waxing

It is a common type. In this wax, sugar will be present which helps to remove the hair easily. This is very effective method than cold wax. In most of the beauty salons, this waxing is done.

Cold Waxing

This wax is available in all the drug store. This method is great solutions to do waxing at home.

Method of Doing Waxing

We have to spread the wax evenly like a thin layer, in the direction of hair growth. Then use a cloth or paper and apply pressure on the wax and then remove it to the opposite direction of hair growth. By doing like this, the wax attaches with the hair and removes it and thus we can get the smooth hair.

Types of Flavoured Wax

Waxing is now available in many flavours. Hydrogenated vegetable oil, zinc oxide, paraffin wax, mineral oil, base wax, glyceryl rosinate and titanium dioxide are all added in the flavoured wax.

We need afraid of wax that we have to heat it and pull it and it will cause pain. Now there is painless wax available in market. There are machines available for this. The wax will be ready if we just switch on it. We can apply it on the required places and we can remove it without cloth or strip and without pain. There is a separate wax available for face too.

Varieties of Wax

  1. Orange wax – To remove the darkness
  2. Coconut wax – To remove aging
  3. Pink wax – For sensitive skin
  4. Lemon wax – For removing the brown patches and wrinkles
  5. Almond wax – For dry skin
  6. Green apple wax – For allergy skin
  7. Banana wax – To avoid red patches on the skin
  8. Chocolate wax – To decrease stress
  9. Hazelnut wax – To increase the complexion and to make the skin soft
  10. Coffee wax – For combination skin

For avoiding the blackening of skin: Likewise we can select the wax suitable to the skin type. Along with this 2G, 3G and strip less wax types are now available to sale. There are some specific usage methods to use them. These are used in beauty parlours mostly. It is safe to use the flavoured waxes after consulting with the cosmetologist or beautician since it contains the hydrogenated vegetable oil, Zinc oxide, paraffin wax, mineral wax, glycerin and titanium dioxide.

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