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Choosing Right Face Wash According To Your Skin Type

We are using a kind of soap to bath, other soap for washing cloths and some other soap for washing the utensil. Why? All are soaps only and they are going to remove the dirt’s and stains. Then why are we using different soaps for different activity? You will be laughing or get angry if I ask you like this. Right? You will ask how we can use the same soap for all these activities. The same justice is suitable for cleansing up of your face as well as body. Yes. The soap which we are using for our body is not suitable for our face. Face wash is good to cleanse the face. What is face wash? How to choose it? How to use it? All these details are to be explained in this chapter elaborately.

The pH level of the face and the body are different. So the soap used to the body will not be suitable for the face. The face skin is very delicate than the other parts of the body. The face will become dry if we use the same soap which we use to the body. The solution for these kinds of problems is face wash. Choosing right face wash according your skin type and the specific nature of the skin is necessary.

Normal Skin

normal-skin-face-washAll kind of face washes will be suitable for the normal skin. So they can use all kind of face washes. In particular when they use the natural cleansers to cleanse their skin the dead cells of the skin will be removed and the skin will glow like anything.

Oily Skin


Those who are having the oily skin may use the oil free face washes. If they have the pimple problem along with the oiliness may prefer the face wash with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Dry Skin


Mild face washes are suitable for the dry skin. If they are little harder they may make the skin even drier. The face wash with milk and cream will decrease the dryness.

Combination Skin


Those who are having the combination skin should use the face washes which are made specific for the T-Zone.

Sensitive Skin


Those who are having sensitive skin may prefer the face wash which comes with the note of Paraffin free, perfume free and fragrance free.

These are common. Instead of this cleansers are also available in the market. We should take a little and keep it on our face as dots and massage it upwardly and finally wipe it out using wet cotton. Since it does not form any lather it is suitable for the dry skin and those who are using the makeup often.

  • Exfoliating face wash is also available. This is suitable for the oily skin and those who are having the dark spots.
  • Those who are having pimples must use the medicated face washes alone. That too it should be used with the prescription by the medical practitioner.
  • Instead of this there are face washes for delaying the aging and to avoid the wrinkles there are anti aging face wash, skin lightening face wash for enhancing the skin color are available. We can get the counseling with the cosmetologist or the dermatologist.

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