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Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin, Causes Treatment

Everybody is not having the similar type of skin. Normally the skin type of the human being is divided into five types. Each type of skin requires different type of maintenance. We have seen so far four types of skins and its maintenance in parlor and traditional methods. In this page we are going to discuss about the skin care tips for combination skin maintenance as well as parlor and traditional ways.

Combination Skin T-Zone


Normally the combination skin is T-zone i.e., forehead, nose and chin parts. The two cheeks are called C zone. The parts from chin to neck is called Y zone. The people having combination skin is t-zone namely forehead, nose, chin parts will be oily and have more pimples. The cheeks will be dry and will have wrinkles. For somebody, it will be opposite i.e., t-zone will be dry and the cheeks will be oily. When they are coming to parlor treatment the treatment will be given based on this.

Parlor Treatment for Combination Skin

The combination skin having more oiliness if done with pearl facial will yield a better result. Face is cleaned with the cleansing milk as usual and the dead cells are removed with a mild scrub. We should not give massage to the oily skin. If it is given, the pimples will be increased. After the scrub, we should give the water vapors and then the black and white heads are removed. Continuing this, the high frequency treatment is given. This will destroy the bacteria which is formation for the pimples. From the next day onwards, the pimples will start disappearing and the oiliness decreases too. If the combination skin is with more dryness, chocolate, gold facials are good.

Combination skinned people should maintain the skin separately for T-Zone and for the cheeks. For T-zone oily skin maintenance and for the cheeks dry skin maintenance should be done. And also they should apply sunscreen to avoid from aged look. They should apply the mud pack in T-zone for weekly once. And in other places the moisturizers without oil content should be used.

Combination Skin Maintenance

We should maintain the combination skin as we do daily maintenance for all other types of skins. Good quality herbal cleansing milk in the morning and night, toner, moisturizer can be used to clean the face. Then dip a cotton ball in the astringent lotion and apply on face and neck. It should be applied forcibly. So that the skin pores will be opened and the dust particles come out of it. And then the pores will be closed. The oiliness in the T-Zone is controlled and thus the pimples are also prevented.

Prepare Astringent in Home Easily

Those who are working can apply this type of treatment. For those who are at home, can prepare the natural astringent themselves. Boil 100 ml of mineral water and add a handful of marigold petals and close the vessel immediately. If we keep the vessel closed for one whole day, the all medicinal property of the marigold will be infused into the water. Take this 100 ml decoction; add 10 ml of tea decoction and 5 spoons of sugar if mixed well can make a good astringent. Keep this in a bottle and refrigerate. The marigold in this is good for the T-Zone and the sugar is good for C and Y zone.

Radical will come for the combination skin. Anti-oxidant is required to prevent this. If vitamin C is taken, with a consultation of a doctor we can have Vitamin C tablet from the age of ten onwards

We can prevent the oil secretion by using the gel facial cleanser containing salicylic acid. Then after washing the face we should use toner. Also we should use the oil free moisturizer daily once. Importantly if the men use the oil free after shave lotion after shaving will increase the skin’s beauty.

Traditional Treatment for Combination Skintraditional-care-combination-skin

They should do facial for at least once in a month. They can use the soap contain the herbal ingredients tulsi, neem and sandal. Honey, curd, green gram flour are to be taken in equal quantity and applied on face and neck. It should be washed with warm water to get an even skin. Mustard oil, vitamin E oil, Olive oil massage will also give good results.

  • They should prevent from the sun. Sun block cream and lotion and umbrella are good for this.
  • The soap containing glycerin will increase the oiliness. So better avoid that.
  • We can use the face wash suitable for our skin type and the soaps suitable for the oily skin to control the oil secretion.
  • It is better to avoid the makeup in the summer. If it is necessary they should avoid the cream and the oily makeup. Matte finish makeup is suitable.
  • Moisturizer should be used only in the nights. If it is necessary to use water based moisturizer instead of cream based one.
  • The wet tissues have the astringents to close the opened pores. If we have this in our handbag always, we can wipe out the oiliness for every one hour and have the bright face.

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