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15 Natural Homemade Face Packs For Brighten Up Your Fairness

What are the chemicals in the fairness creams? Even though they know about the side effects of the chemicals there is no scarcity to the people who try out that. Is it possible to get the fairness naturally? It is possible to regain and regain the lost fairness and it is impossible to get the fair skin from the dark skin.

Nature has given us thousands of ways to brighten the complexion. Try these natural homemade face packs for brighten up your fairness at home instead of buying expensive chemical contains fairness creams.

1. Pineapple and Honey

The pineapple juice is a very good bleaching agent. If we apply the juice mixed with the honey the complexion will improve quickly.

2. Cabbage Mixed with Honey and Glycerin

The skin will become shiny if we apply the cabbage juice mixed with glycerin and honey.

3. Grapes and Sugar

If we use the black grapes ground and added with sugar as a scrub the face will be shiny.

4. Saffron, Almond and Milk Face Pack

It is a belief and an expectation that the baby will born fair if we intake saffron. In fact the saffron does not have the ability to change the complexion. But we can rectify the skin’s dullness due to going under the sun and poor maintenance. Take a pinch of saffron and put it in one spoon hot milk. Add one teaspoon ground almond.  Apply it of the face and the neck and wash it to make the skin bright. Particularly if the bride and the bride groom use these pack for 10 days the natural complexion can be regained and the face will glow like a mirror.

5. Milk, Poppy Seeds and Almond Face Pack.

Soak the poppy seeds and the almond in milk and grind it. Refrigerate and use it as a face pack daily to get the fair complexion.

6. Papaya Pulp and Curd

Take the papaya pulp and add milk powder and curd. Then apply.

7. Honey, Carrot and Orange

Add Honey, sugar with carrot juice and orange juice. If we apply it the skin will be in a new look.

8. Barley Rice and Turmeric Powder

Grind barley rice, add butter milk and a pinch of turmeric powder and apply. Add rice flour and butter milk along with the chick pea powder and apply.

9. Potato and Almond Oil

Grind the potato into a fine paste and add almond oil to apply.

10. Strawberry and Honey

Get the strawberry fruits in the season and grind it add honey and glycerin and store it in refrigerator. We can apply it whenever required.

11. Pumpkin With Lemon

Grind the pumpkin with milk, add lemon juice to apply.

12. Lemon and Honey

Apply honey mixed with lemon juice and brown sugar. Leave it for some time and wash it to get a shining skin.

13. Lemon Peel Powder and Rose Petal Powder

Add lemon peel powder and rose petal powder and mix with milk to apply as a pack.

14. Sandal and Turmeric

Add the milk cream with red sandal powder, turmeric, sugar and lemon juice and this can be applied.

15. Cucumber Seed and White Soya

We can powder the white soya and the cucumber seed and mix with milk and this can be applied.

There is a solution for all kind of the skin problems in aromatherapy. There is inhibiting therapy for changes in the complexion and increasing the glowness of the skin. In this therapy lime, coriander leaf, ylang ylang, peditgrain, almond, apricot and kernel oil are used in this treatment and it will penetrate to the second layer dermis and complexion will improve.

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