Beauty Benefits of Mangoes – For Hair Loss, Dandruff, Pimples and Wrinkles

Mango is not only the first and best fruit among all fruits, but adding beauty to beauty is also played by mango. It can really make you look beautiful if you can eat thrice a day at the season. Because it has numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, etc. which keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing. Mangoes help to get rid of dandruff, pimples, and wrinkles. Mentioned below are some of the beauty benefits of mangoes it is often used by varies types.

Mango is delicious and rich food.  Some people use to say that there will be irritation in the urinary tract if we eat the before season mangoes in summer. But in fact, we can get the full benefits of the fruits only if we eat them at its season.

Beauty Benefits of Mangoes

Beauty Benefits of MangoesFor Hair Growth

The nut inside the seed of mango plays an important role in hair growth. The nut is ground finely and it is called mango butter. This is used as a conditioner for hair.

 Get Rid of Dandruff

Mango butter, gingelly (sesame) oil, coconut oil castor oil are taken equally, beat this with a blender and keep under the Sun. Apply this to head as a pack and leave it for minutes. Then take an equal quantity of green gram and fenugreeks are soaked and grind well. This mixture is used to rinse the hair and we can get rid of dandruff problems. The hair fall due to this will not happen again.

To Stop Hair Fall

Some people lose their hair in the forehead and look baldness. For this tablespoon mango butter or the succulent mango cheek with neem flower ground paste, castor oil is mixed well and applied on the scalp and massaged. Then green gram flour, chickpea flour, and shikakai powder are taken in equal and used to rinse the hair. If it is done twice in a week, the hair fall will be stopped and hair will grow again.


to Vanish Wrinkles on the Face and Neck

When we are nearing middle age we get the wrinkles on the face and neck. Almond nuts and kasa kasa are taken in equal quantity and ground paste- 1 spoon, one spoon mango butter. Mix well and apply this on the neck upwardly on the neck. And after it gets dried, wash this with water. If it is done for one month the wrinkles will vanish.

To Remove Pimples

Daily before going to bath take a teaspoon of neem flower paste, ½ teaspoon of mango pulp, ½ teaspoon gingelly (sesame) oil, mix well and apply on face. Pimples will disappear and the dullness is removed from the face. The gingelly (sesame) oil increases the glow of the skin and provides softness to the skin.

For Rose Pedal Lips

Take mango pulp and the dry grapes in equal quantity and grind them well. Pour this in an ice tray and freeze. When the lips get dried, take this ice cube in a cloth and rub it on the lips. Lips will glow like rose petals.

To Hair Growth in Eyebrows

Mango juice puts a full stop to the hair loss in the eyebrows also. Take equal quantity of mango juice and orange juice and freeze it. Put a drop of gingelly (sesame) oil or castor oil on the eyebrows, then keep the ice cube in a cloth and rub it on eyes and eyebrows. If we do this daily before going to bed, there will be hair growth in eyebrows and eyelashes.

For Supple Chubby Cheeks

Well ripened mango ½ teaspoon, kasthuri manjal (Curcuma Aromatica) -2 pinches, barley powder- 1 teaspoon, cucumber powder- ½ teaspoon. Mix all this well. Apply this paste on the face as a mask and wash after 20 minutes. The necessary water for the skin will be added and the skin will be supple.

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