Botox Treatment Procedure, Side Effects and Its Costs

What Is Botox?

Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) is gained from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. This is the treatment in which the medicine is injected by microneedles which are used for the middle-aged people to treat the wrinkles, lines in the face. It is used to control the secretion of sweat, chronic headache, and to remove the muscular spasm in the eyelids and to control the urinary incontinence.

How Does It Work?

When Botox is injected inside the muscles, it prevents the signals between muscles fiber and end of the nerves. The muscles are weakened and the particular place becomes paralyzed without any sensation. So the skin in the place becomes soft and the wrinkles are removed looking younger complexion. But the wrinkles due to suntan and the gravity cannot be treated with this. So the skin in the place becomes soft and the wrinkles are removed. But the wrinkles due to suntan and the gravity cannot be treated with this.

Botox Treatment Procedure


In general, Botox is a protective and useful treatment. But it is not suitable for everyone and it should be given by a well-trained doctor or a dentist. Especially the dentists are taking care of cosmetology treatments now a day. So before taking the treatment, your health and medical records are examined and then the decision is taken.

The botox treatment procedure is speedy and a maximum of 20 minutes and depends upon the number of injections required. A few minutes are enough to inject a Botox. We should not rub with pressure at the place for 2-3 hours after injecting it. Then you can indulge in your daily activities. It will take 3 to 7 days to get the benefit out of this treatment. Also, you should avoid alcohol and aspirin tablets before one week before taking this treatment. The pain is bearable so the anesthesia is not needed.

  • It is mostly used in cosmetology treatment and a very protective one also. First, the doctor will discuss the places where it should be injected. In general, it is injected at where the wrinkles and lines appear on the face like near eyes, nose, cheeks and the spaces around the mouth. Then the doctor will inject the Botox at the necessary places through microneedles.
  • When the treatment is taken for hyperhidrosis, this is injected in the underarms.
  • When there is severe neck and shoulder spasm (Cervical Dystonia) and when the patient is unable to rotate the head this treatment is given.
  • Some people may have a spasm of the eyelids in excessive-Blepharospasm. When this Botox is injected on the eyelids the muscles are loosened and the problem is thus cured.
  • When this treatment is given for a chronic headache, this is injected on the forehead or on the muscles in the backside of the neck.
  • Few people may have nervous disorders in the bladder and thus will not be able to save the urine in the bladder. When Botox is injected in the urinary bladder it loosens the muscles and thus gives the capacity to store it. Thus it controls the control the urinary incontinence.

For How Many Days Botox Will Work?

The face of those who have taken this treatment will continue without wrinkles for four to six months. When decreasing the effectiveness of the botox, the muscles and the nerves functions normally, so the wrinkles and the lines will appear again. But the wrinkles and the lines will not be heavy like before.

What Are The Side effects of Botox Treatment?

  • A headache
  • Fever and the normal not feeling well of the body
  • Vomiting
  • Pain on the eyelids
  • Hanging down of the eyelids (Temporary)
  • Pain in the face muscles
  • Pain and the red coloring of the place of injection
  • The weakness of the muscles
  • Double sight

We should consult the doctor if we have a problem in respiration, swallowing food or in speaking after Botox.

What Cost is Botox Injection?

The treatment cost varies from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital. In common $300 may be the cost. If you prefer a well-trained doctor or a specialty hospital the cost may increase.

Who Should Avoid Botox Injection?

Botox is not suitable for everyone. The below persons should avoid using it

  • Those who have infectious diseases at the place where the injection should be done.
  • Pregnant ladies and those who think they are pregnant.
  • If allergic chemicals exist in botox.
  • When you have the problem of nervous disorders due to this treatment.
  • Those who breastfeed.

Important things to be observed while taking this treatment

  • If there is hemophilia to the patient then there will be heavy blood loss.
  • If they have dysphagia.
  • If they have respiratory problems.
  • If they have epilepsy.
  • If you have undergone surgery in eyes.

Botox will give adverse effects when you medicate with the following medicines.

  •  (Muscle relaxants)
  •  (Antibiotics, including tetracycline)

So it is necessary that you should inform the doctor whatever the medication you undergo.

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