5 Homemade Hair Packs for Winter

If the weather is very cold the hair will get more problems. During the time the hair gets dried and affected more. In winter season the body heat absorbs the oil so easily. So hair will lose its strength, becomes dry, and starts falling more. Sometimes for no reason, the hair will develop split ends and fall. Whatever the care is taken sometimes we can’t find even the hair is unhealthy. Now let us know how we can find out the hair is unhealthy on the following symptoms.

  • The affected hair will lose its softness. And if the hair does not look silky then we can say that it is unhealthy.
  • Secondly, the ends of the hair will become dry. The cracks will split the ends into two and it will spoil the beauty of the hair. Also, the hair becomes rough.
  • Split ends normally inhibit the growth of the hair. We can identify that there are no proper nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • When the hair changes brown from natural black, we can find out the unhealthiness of the hair.
  • While combing the hair if more hair falls along with the comb, then the hair is in a condition that it has loosened the strength.
  • There are differences between unhealthy hair and dry hair. But if the hair is so dry, then it is a symptom that the hair is affected more. Taking an oil bath often is a good remedy for treating the dryness.
  • For some people, the end of the hair will be low in dense. We can understand the health of the hair if the ends are like that.
  • Nowadays grey hair comes at an early age. It is hereditary in nature for somebody. But if it is not hereditary and if grey hair comes at the age of 25 we can find out that there is a problem in hair.

All the above symptoms are there to find out the hair is affected. Do you know any other symptoms?

Homemade Hair Packs for Winter

In winter not only the skin becomes dry but also the hair. That too while the transition of weather from summer to winter we will get affected by so many problems in hair. Because in cold weather condition hair will fall more and becomes dry and rough. Can we go to beauty parlors for maintaining hair? It is so expensive, with no time and laziness too. But the things which we use daily in our home can be made use to prepare a hair pack for maintaining hair. There are many types of hair. The cosmetologists will explain what type of pack can be used for each type of hair. If we use the packs accordingly, the hair will grow long and dense. The following five homemade hair packs will result in no side effects.

Banana Hair Pack


If the hair is dry, take a banana and mash it. Add one tablespoon of honey and lemon. Mix it well and apply it on the hair and the scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse it off with a mild shampoo. The hair will become soft and roughness will have vanished.

Egg Hair Pack

If the hair falls without any reason it means that the hair is affected. For avoiding this, 2 egg yellow yolks and one egg white is beaten along with that add juice of one full lemon. Add a small quantity of honey and apply it on hair. Soak it for 45 minutes and rinse well with water. After rinsing apply a cup of curd to hair and soak for 15 minutes. Then rinse with a mild shampoo. By doing this the hair will become strong and the hair fall will be stopped. It is to be done regularly on a weekly basis.

Fenugreek Hair Pack

Fenugreek hair packs will be good for rough hair. The fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight. Its ground and mixed with curd and applied on hair and dry. Then wash it with a shampoo. Hair will be silky and the roughness will not be there.

Vinegar and Honey Hair Pack

For dull hair, Vinegar and honey are taken in equal proportion in a cup of water. It is applied to the hair and rinsed. The hair becomes dense and glowing. This pack should not be applied often since vinegar affects the hair. It is enough if this pack is applied once in 5 weeks.

Egg and castor oil Hair Pack

One egg yolk, one tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of castor oil are mixed well together and applied on hair and soaked for 45 minutes. Then rinse it with water. It is very good in treating split ends.

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