How To Do Threading Eyebrows Perfectly At Home?

How to make the eyebrows beautiful?

Nowaday’s instruments and cosmetics are found in the market for making the eyebrows beautiful. There are four common ways of eyebrow shaping methods are waxing, threading, plucking and shaving. Threading eyebrows is known to everyone. Because threading is one of the ancient ways to get rid of unwanted hair from eyebrows and shaping beautifully.

In general, many people have confessed that threading is the best way of making eyebrows beautiful. Because the hair is removed from the root. So it will take some time for the hair to grow again and the grown hair will look naturally. It is a little painful. But the expected beauty can be got from threading only.

The eyebrows are shaped by laser too. But on continuous usage of laser, there can be a chance of green patches. But threading can be done for a number of times and there will not be any side effects too.

How To Do Threading Eyebrows Perfectly At Home?

You can do threading your eyebrows beautiful at home by following these steps.

Things You Will Need

  • A Mirror
  • Cotton sewing thread
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Aloe vera gel/Ice pack

How To Do Threading Eyebrows Perfectly At Home?

  • First of all, wipe out the moisture and oil content of the eyebrows with a cotton ball. Then apply face powder on the eyebrows. Comb the eyebrows with a small brush. The eyebrows must be shaped according to the structure of the face cut.


  • Then Take the threading thread in hand and hold its one corner by mouth. Then Keep the thread in the left hand and right hand. Spin the thread which is in the right hand for 5-8 times. The structure will be small at the right end and big at the right end.
  • At the lower part of the eyebrow, the hair should be removed from the left to right direction. The person for whom threading is done should hold the upper part of the eyebrow with the right hand and the lower part with the left hand.


  • Keep the thread that is rolled out for 8 times on the lower part of the eyebrow opposite to the direction of the hair growth. Now press the thread which is held in the right hand by the thumb. Now the hair will be removed. Then remove unwanted eyebrow hair by this method and shape the eyebrow.
  • Now we have to remove the hair which is the upper part of the eyebrow. These hair are also to be removed from left to right direction. The hair which is also present in between the two eyebrows is also to be removed.


  • By the same method remove the hair in the right eyebrow also. After completing the threading comb the eyebrow with the brush. Now the eyebrow will be shaped which is suitable for the face cut.

For Beautiful Eyebrows

For somebody, we can’t see the presence of eyebrows and the hair will also be less in the count. If these people thread the eyebrows, it will look brighter. But instead of shaping them thin, they can have it a little thicker. It is good to use an eyebrow pencil before going for threading. Because we can shape the eyebrows as our wish.

No Worries about a Big Forehead!

Some girls will worry about the bigger foreheads and they want to show them small. They have to trim their eyebrows suitably to their forehead. But at the same time only shaping the eyebrows will not yield a better result.

They can leave their hair in their forehead and do hairstyles. Or else they can cut fringe leaving the hair in the front and shape the eyebrows a little higher so that the forehead will not look broader and will be beautiful.

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