Skin Care Tips For Normal Skin, Problems and Maintenance

We need not take many risks to maintain the normal skin, because the healthy skin out of the five types is normal skin. The skin which possesses the correct quantity of the moisture and the oiliness is called the normal skin. After washing the face with a cleanser daily, apply the toner with cotton all over the face. We have to apply the moisturizer without washing the face. If we have to go outside we have to use sunscreen or sunblock. Here are the skin care tips for normal skin.

Normal Skin Problems

Normal skin may have two problems. One is sun tan because of the hot sun, this is a common problem for all types of skin too. Next, the normal skin becomes dry in the winter. For those having normal skin, for this problem, we need not have to take much care for this like other skin types. But the care is needed as far as the season is concerned.

We have to apply the sunscreen to avoid sun tanning. After coming back from outside the above-said cleanser, toner and moisturizer are enough to use. Or else, we can go for a good parlor monthly once or if the skin becomes dull and do brightness facial. In the winter there are chances of the skin to get dry. So we have to wash the face and apply moisturizer as well.

Normal Skin Maintenance in Parlor

First, we will apply cleansing milk and give a massage using the supersonic machine. This will expel the dust particles even in the pores. Then we will apply toner. Then we will apply an enzyme mask and remove it after ten minutes. After this, we will use two types of the scrubber. So the dead cells in the face will be removed. We will provide the vapor through the steamer machine and then will remove the black and whiteheads.

Then we will apply a small quantity of the serum and will give massage again using the supersonic machine. So the serum will get into the pores and control the melanin pigment. Followed by this we will apply a peel-off mask and peel off after it gets dried. So the skin is tightened. Finally, we will apply sunscreen.

In total, the persons having normal skin can cleanse the face daily in-home and along with that if they do facial in a good parlor monthly once the skin will be bright and there will be no problem.

The Characteristics of Normal Skin

There will not be dryness and also there will not be so oily. The normal skin will have both in normal quantity. The easy way to identify the normal skin is to touch the palm. The palms of the persons having oily skin will be hot. If it is the normal skin the palm will be cool. This skin will not have any wrinkles and pimples. The skin will remain young even after aging.

The Advantages of the Normal Skin

The cosmetic items will vary from skin to skin from the soap, face wash to the foundation available in the market. But people with normal skin will be suitable for all types of cosmetic products. When you apply make up the dry skin should be done with heavy makeup, oily skin low makeup and the normal skin should be done with the moderate makeup. If we apply heavy makeup to the normal skin the skin will become dry.

Skin Care Tips For Normal Skin

  • It is important to maintain the normal skin or else it will lose its characteristics. If we don’t do it will become very dry or very oily. We have to wash our face daily 3-5 times. We have to follow the C.T.M method, i.e, cleanser, toner and moisturizer method compulsory.
  • If we do not remove the dead cells in the skin monthly once, the skin will become dry and dull. For this fruit facial, herbal facial or aroma facial is essential. Some facials like gold facial will make the normal skin dry. Cocoa butter facial will change it oily. So it is better to avoid such kinds of facials.
  • While doing facial we should use the creams containing the moisture content and the oil content in a moderate quantity. Massage cream can be mixed with the 2 drops of Geranium oil, 2 drops of chamomile oil and used to massage, to protect the normal characteristics of the normal skin.
  • To avoid sunlight, we should use the sunscreen (If working less time in sunlight) or sunblock (if working in the sunlight for more time). We can prescribe the sunscreen or sunblock with the best combination, Titanium-dioxide along with zinc. For normal skin, we should use aqua or water-based lotion form sunscreen or sunblock instead of oily cream-based sunscreen.
  • We can get the pink color to the skin and the glow if we have water in enormous quantity, watery vegetables, fruits, walnuts, almond, blueberry, cherry, tomato, broccoli, and yellow pumpkin. We can intake the salmon fish oil and vitamin C tablets with the consultation of a doctor.

The Best Face Pack for Normal Skin

skin care tips for normal skin

Grind 3 kiwi fruits in, add 2 spoonfuls of thick coconut milk, 10-15 drops of the lemon juice, one teaspoon glycerin and keep it refrigerated in a bottle. Apply this mixture daily for about 1 teaspoon and massage for 3 minutes and soak it for some time. After it gets dried, wash it with cold water. This will remove the dead cells and provide good blood circulation and good complexion as well as glow. It will protect the skin without changing its nature.

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