Best Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin, Causes, Maintenance

Whatever the type of skin maybe, if we give the maintenance for the face daily we can get the dust-free and wart free skin. The silky soft skin only can make the face beautiful than the glittering eyes, highlighted nose, soft lips. Here are some skin care tips for oily skin that include, how oil forms on the skin? how to maintain it? advantages and disadvantages of oily skin, and simple face packs for oily skin etc.,

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin – How Oil Forms on the Skin?

There are five types of skin namely oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin. There are many subdivisions also like normal to oily, dry to normal. There are three layers in the skin. The first layer is called epidermis. It has very small pores. The second layer is called dermis. It contains the sebaceous glands (oil glands), the root of the hair and the factors producing melanin called melanocytes and the perspiration glands. The third layer is the subcutaneous layer and it contains the fat cells.

The second layer of the skin dermis secretes the oil called sebum. If it secretes more than the normal level, it enters inside the pores in the first layer and pumping out. After you wake up in the morning without washing your face if you go and stand in front of the mirror, the face will glitter. If it is so, yours is oily skin.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Oily Skin

The best skin type is oily skin of all five types of skin. The advantages of this type of skin are, we won’t get wrinkles on the skin and it acts as natural sun protection and keeps the skin smooth. The sebum which is secreted by the oily skin prevents the skin. The disadvantage is the face would be very oily and gives a dull look. The rashes like prickly heat and the pimples will forms.

How Pimples Formed on the Oily Skin?

When the excess oil clogs out to the epidermis of the skin through the pores the skin will attract the dust particles towards the pores. Our skin expels it spontaneously and that is called a pimple. To reduce the pimples we can eat zinc tablets daily with the consultation of the dermatologist. There is no problem with the oily skin other than pimples.

How to Maintain Oily Skin?Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

To maintain the oily skin we have to wash it minimum 5-7 times a day. We should use medicated soaps that do not contain artificial flavors. Those who use face washes should choose the one which contains salicylic acid.  They can use the creams containing clindamycin. They should not use the cream containing oiliness and foundation. If you have the situation to apply makeup, apply matte finish items. The oily-skinned persons will have a hot body. So they should drink more water.

How Oily Skin Treated in Parlor?

In the parlor, we do the skin lightening, brightening and special facials like this, and it is done for gel and cream based on the skin type. The common problem which arises to the oily skin is dull skin and the pimples. For this, the aroma pearl facial is done. In this, the face is cleaned by cleansing milk and dead cells are removed with the mild scrub. Massage should not be done to the oily skin since it has pimples. If we do this the pimples will increase.

After the scrub, we should give vapor and then we have to remove black and whiteheads and then wipe out the face. We apply the toner as the next step and followed by the application of two gels. After 10 minutes bandage cloth is kept on the face and high-frequency treatment is given above it. This will demolish the bacteria which causes the pimples. After this, wipe the face and apply a pack and soak it for ten minutes. Then take 2-3 drops of the sensitive oil and apply all over the face. We can see the pimples decreasing from the next day of the facial done.

Best Simple Face Packs for Oily Skin


  • Clean the mint leaves and grind it without adding water and keep it in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Take one spoon of mint juice, three drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of patchouli oil and mix well. Apply this on the face and wash it after half an hour. So that your skin remains fresh for 3-5 hours without oil secretion.
  • Mix the curd and the Bengal gram flour and apply it as a pack. It controls the oil secretion in the face and it will look bright.
  • Apply tomato pieces or tomato juice helps control the oiliness and it enhances the complexion.
  • Take an orange, lemon (Don’t apply lemon juice directly onto the face, add a few drops of honey and use), grapes like citrus fruit juices can be applied to decrease the oiliness and provides the essential vitamins to the skin to make it healthy.

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