Types of Oil Massage and Its Health Benefits

Massage has an ancient history. Thousands of years before itself, massage was used as a treatment for curing diseases in countries like India, China, Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Let us discuss how massage helps the organs of the body and the structure to benefit as well.

Massage That Gives the Young Appearance

The benefits of undergoing oil massage are numerous. The pores in the skin will open and help toxins to excrete through sweat. The rigidity of the muscles is decreased and this helps to relieve the pain. The lactic acid that is accumulated in the body by doing difficult tasks is removed and the body gets refreshment.

The aged look to the skin is determined not only by the food we intake but also by the care is given to the skin. After childbirth, the skin looks relaxed and loosened. To cure this and protect the skin from aging, oil massage is necessary.

The aged look to the skin is not only determined by the food we intake but also by how we maintain our skin. After childbirth, the skin looks relaxed and loosened. To cure this and protect the skin from aging, oil massage is necessary. There is an immense range of oils used in a massage like Grape, Avocado, Gingili, Olive, Coconut, etc., each containing different kind properties to benefit particular skin types.

Types of Oil Massage and Its Health Benefits

Types of Oil Massage and Its Health Benefits

Grape Oil

This oil contains vitamin E content more. This oil keeps the skin always moisturized. The relaxed muscles will be tightened and the scars will also be vanished by doing massage using this oil. The skin will keep glowing. For those who need to keep them young can try this massage.

Avocado Oil

The reason for the muscles to be loosened is the low production of the collagen tissue. The Omega 3 fatty acids present in the avocado oil, increase the collagen production and tighten the skin. When massage is done with this oil the skin is tightened and reduces the wrinkle.

Gingelly Oil

It is the best oil that is used in body massage. Sometimes pimples can appear by the results of body massage. But there will not be any problem if we use frequently gingelly oil. This can cure the pimples also.

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains oxidants and omega3 fatty acids enormously. So this is the best one in all the oils. One important thing while doing massage with olive oil is, we should not heat this oil. The nutrients available in this oil will be destroyed when we heat it. So it is all in your hands to keep your skin younger by doing oil massages.

Health Benefits of Oil Massage

Blood flow: The blood flow will be increased at the places where we do massage. So the organs will get more nutrients and the diseases also will be cured. The inflammations are used because of the blood increased by massage.

Nerves: The slow and low pressured massaged in the nerves can relax the muscles and keep them active. The energy will also be increased.

Digestive system: The digestive system is induced by massage and the wastes are excreted. The energy level of the liver is also increased. The immunity of the body is also increased.

Urinary system: Making Massages will improve the urinary system works very active. The body wastes are excreted through urine quickly by massages.

Heart: If a well-trained person does a massage will decrease the heart stress level and improves the activity of the heart. Generally, we have to use the dry palm for massages but if your skin is dry or your body is in weak condition then the massager must use the wet cloth or the essential oils.

Gingili oil is very good for doing massage. Somebody uses the talcum powder while doing massages to avoid the friction between body and palm. But if they do like this the skin pores will be closed.

When to avoid massages?

  • If body temperature goes above the normal range then you should avoid any massages.
  • Pregnant ladies must avoid the massages on the stomach.
  • Dysentery, gastric problems, appendicitis, boils in the colon or lumps in the stomach are must avoid the massage at their abdomen area.
  • It is inappropriate to do massage for those having skin problems.

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