Types of Warts and Natural Remedies to Remove

There are various types of warts like hard warts, flat warts, spreadable warts, and genital warts. Usually, Warts will appear to the children and the teen ages when the immunity is decreased. There are 50 various types of viruses which is the root of warts. These are hereditary on nature. Some viruses are classified in this. They may vary in size and shape in the human body. Medicinal name of wart is verruca Vulgaris. These will be a little harder in nature. These appear on hands, knees, and elbows.

Warts which appear on the skin of the human beings are caused by the Papillomavirus. Usually, warts will appear on the human hands. The skin will be a little hard at the places where warts appear. It may appear on any place of the body. Sometimes continuous warts will appear. It cannot be cured without proper treatment.

Some viruses can cause cancer at the genital area; we can say virus HPV 16 and HPV 18 for this. These viruses can spread from one person to another. Particularly those who live in the humid region this virus can spread. These warts might not be cured and unusual; we can say for example the anogenital type of warts. This affects those who involve in prostitution. It can spread throughout the skin. This may affect their children also. We can cure these warts by the week or monthly treatments.

Flat Warts: This will appear soft and brown or skin color. These appear on girl’s face and it can be cured easily.

Spreadable Warts: These will appear on the lower part of the feet and hard in nature. This affects the platelets and becomes like black dots. This will create the feel of uncomfortableness most of the times. They can spread all over the body.

Genital Warts: Genital warts may appear penis, scrotum, anus, vagina and, cervix. It will usually appear on to those who involve in sexual contact with multiple persons. This will be in the skin color and appear small in size. Sometimes it becomes rough on the skin. HPV 18 and 16 viruses are the factors causing this. These warts are sometimes referred as to condyloma acuminata. There are possibilities of cancer by these type warts like cervical cancers. Those who involve in multiple sex partners, and having sex at an early age who has HPV, can be affected by these type of warts. Very good medical practitioners can identify by performing a physical test and treated through electrocautery, cryosurgery, laser, and surgery.


Natural Remedies to Remove Warts:

  • Lemon juice is mixed with honey and applied on face can cure the wrinkles.
  • Lemon juice, Almond and curd is ground and applied on the face to cure warts.
  • Cinnamon powder is mixed with lime juice which can reduce the dark spots.
  • Gingelly oil mixed along with egg white and applied to cure pimples.
  • Acalypha leaves are dried and powdered. This powder is taken in 1 gram daily will cure the early age wrinkles.
  • The coriander leaves the ground and applied on face by the interval of 2 days can cure pimples.
  • Aloe vera juice can be applied on the pimples.
  • For getting rid of hair growth naturally on face we can use “Kasthuri Manjal” (Aromatic Turmeric)  for bathing.

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