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10 Beauty Benefits of Grapes for Hair and Skin

We will not be satisfied on eating the grapes. It gives sweet and guiltless pleasure to our taste buds. Grapes, Queen of Fruits, they don’t just gives nutrients and antioxidants to you but, have wide range of beauty benefits too. Grapes are categorized by based on their color – Black / Blue, Red and Green.

Grapes beauty benefits for shiny and glowy hair!


For Natural Hair

Take the skin of the navy blue colour grapes and grind into a paste. Soak the chick pea and fenugreek in the previous night itself. Grind them on the next day. Mix both the mixtures equally and apply it as a pack to the hair. Rinse the hair after 10 minutes. It brings back the hair colour and enhances the glow. This can be made into a powder also. Dry the skin of the grapes and make into a powder. Mix the fenugreek powder and the chick pea flour. This can be used as and when required.

For Dense Hair

The grape seeds increase the density of the hair. Powder the grape seeds. 50 gram fenugreek, 1 teaspoon pepper is taken and powdered. Mix 50 gram of grape seed powder with this. Boil the gingelly oil and mix this as a paste. Apply to the scalp in a medium heat and rinse off well. Do this twice in a week to get dense hair.

For Soft Hair

The grape seed removes the dryness in the hair. The grape seed powder, gingelly oil, fenugreek powder, chick pea flour are taken in equal quantity. Make this into a paste by adding boiling water to it. Apply this paste like a shampoo and wash it so that the dry hair becomes soft and glowy. The blue black grapes are equivalent to that in protecting the hair. When somebody goes to outstation the colour of the hair will be changed to brown. At this time the grapes changes the brown hair into black again.

For Hair Problems

The grapes seed oil particularly black grapes seed oil containing more vitamin E and rich antioxidant that helps increase the blood circulation in the scalp, improve the hair growth, get rid of dandruff, protect excessive hair loss, trouncing split ends and premature grey hair.

When the blue black grapes help to protect the hair, the green grapes helps to maintain the skin.

Grapes beauty benefits for marble like sparkling skin!


For Oily Skin

If it is oily skin, ½ teaspoon green grapes juice and ½ teaspoon lemon juice is mixed and applied to remove the excessive oil.

For Pimples

It puts a full stop to pimples and prevents the pimples. Take 2 spoons full of mint juice, kasthuri manjal. Make a paste of this by adding grape juice and lemon juice to it and apply on the face. Wash it after 10 minutes to remove the pimples.

For Anti Aging

The grape juice tightens the skin and gives the young look. Take an egg white; mix the equal quantity of grape juice and lemon juice. Beat it along with the egg white. Apply it on the face, neck and the hands as pack for 20 minutes. Green grapes make the skin soft. Lemon juice cleanses the skin. Egg tightens the skin. If it is done twice in a week, and the aged look is treated.

For Soft Skin.

Grapes have the property to improve the complexion also. Dry the orange skin and powder it. Take a teaspoon of this powder and a teaspoon of grape juice and apply on face and neck portions. If you do like this, the roughness of the skin is softened and the complexion improves. Or crush 4 green grapes and apply the juice on the face daily for getting the skin becomes soft.

For Glossy Lips

Dry grapes (Raisins) also play an important role in maintaining the beauty. Mix beetroot juice and the raisin and apply on the lips daily so that the lips become red.

For Facial

Dry grapes (Raisins) and almond nuts are taken in equal quantity and grind it finely. Apply this on the face and soak it for some time and wash it away to get the effect of the facial.

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