10 Instant Home Remedies to Remove Dark Skin On Neck

Many women are ignoring the importance of the maintenance of the neck, so the skin turns dark and hard hence looks like aged early. Daily morning doing exercise for neck like turning the head left and right as well as up and down will relax the muscles and strengthens them. If your neck skin looks dark and hard, no more worry! Here are 10 best instant Home Remedies to Remove Dark Skin On Neck.

If doing facials only on the face in the parlor, the neck portion becomes loosened and shrinks and looks aged. So first give the strokes to the neck and then to face while doing facial.

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Skin On Neck.

1. Almond Oil and Coconut Oil

Those who have a short neck, if they leave the maintenance of the neck dark lines and thick folds appear on the neck. For this take Almond oil and coconut oil in equal quantity and heat this oil and apply on the neck and massage downwardly while bathing. The dark skin will turn into normal, and the folds in the neck will disappear.

2. Sugar, Butter and Green Camphor

Some may be allergic to jewels also. For this take 1 teaspoon sugar powder, 1 teaspoon butter, and ¼ teaspoon green camphor powder and mix them well and apply on front and back portion of the neck and up to shoulders before bath. The dark patch will disappear and the skin will also be softened.

3. Fenugreek

The fenugreek leaves should be added in food often to keep the neck soft and grind them applied externally to keep your neck glow.home remedies to remove dark skin on neck

4. Champak and Mimusops Elengi Flowers

Take champak flowers and Mimusops Elengi flowers- 1 cup. Add them into 1 cup of coconut oil and heat them. When it becomes thick, strain it and store. Then heat it warm and apply on face, neck and all over the body. If it is not warm, heat it again and apply it to darken from your neck. After 10 minutes of applying this oil, use green gram powder or medicinal plant soap and have a bath in lukewarm water. If it is habitualized daily, the body will not be affected by excessive cool or hot climatic conditions.

5. Davana Leaves and Almond Oil

Take Davana Leaves (Artemisia pallens) 1 cup and mix with 1 cup almond oil and boil it. Then strain it off. Apply this oil on scalp well and comb it for 5 minutes. Then apply it on face and neck portions. Make a habit to do this daily. Apply the remaining oil all over the body and bath so that the hair and the skin will be refresh and good smelling.

6. Olive Oil and Sugar

Apply olive oil on the face and neck. Spread the sugar on a plate. Wet your hands and touch the sugar and keep it your face and neck. Rub it well for 5-6 times. This cleans the pores in the skin and removes the swelling in the skin. The oil will help to balance the oil content when we remove the oil in the face.

7. Cinnamon and Tulsi Leaves

Take 4-5 cinnamon and soak it in hot water. Take one handful of tulsi leaves and grind it well. Apply it on the face and neck and rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. We can prevent pimples and oiliness in the face and also keeps the skin soft.

8. Almond, Pistachio and Poppy Seeds

Almond, pistachio and poppy seeds are taken in ½ teaspoons, soak it in milk and grind it well. When it comes like a cream apply it on face and neck in a thick nature. Clean the face and neck with hot water after 1 hour. This removes the dryness and gives the moisture to face and keeps the skin glow always.

9. Poppy Seeds, Sugar and Almond.

Take 50 grams of poppy seeds and sugar, 25 grams of almond. Roast them and powder. Add 1 teaspoon of this in milk and drink daily to get rid of the dark patches immediately.

10. Cucumber Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Almond Oil

When the wrinkles occur in the neck, take 25 grams of cucumber seeds, poppy seeds and 10 grams of almond and grind them. Add this in ¼ kg of gingelly oil (sesame) and boil it well. Apply this oil daily on your dark neck and get back the shiny look that is lost. If you have irritation in the skin, add some castor oil.

When the women crossing beyond 40, the estrogen secretion will come down due to menopause and there will be more changes in the body. The cholesterol in the body is decreased hence the skin will become shrink and dry.

Also avoiding the cholesterol in food also will lead to dryness. So the shrinkage will be more and will give the aged look soon. The cheeks, necks, eyes and the elbow region muscles are loosened. We can give the shiny look to the skin by the food itself.

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