12 Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Easily

Our eye is a sensitive organ in our body and an expressive organ too. The skin around the eyes is a very delicate one. In fact, dark circles under the eyes can make your face look dull appearance and affect your beauty. The computer jobs throughout the day and lack of sleep will directly affect your eyes.

Body heat will directly affect the eyes and gives a burning sensation to your eyes. Dark circles under the eyes are the biggest problem for many of us. Lack of proper sleep is the first reason for dark circles. Certain home remedies can really help a lot to remove the under eyes dark circles. Before going on medications you can also try the following home remedies to remove dark circles under the eyes easily.

12 Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes

remove dark circles under the eyes

  1. Yogurt: Yogurt is prescribed in natural medicine to alleviate the dark circles. Mix turmeric powder with regular yogurt, try to apply under-eye circles 10 minutes and rinse it.
  2. Curd: Mix curd with Kasturi turmeric and pure sandal, apply it around your eyes for 15 minutes and rinse it off. This method will cure the under eye dark circle.
  3. Potato: Potato is used for treating dark circles around the eyes and to get the fairer skin too.
  4. Cotton Balls: Soak cotton balls in rose water and keep it on your eyes overnight which will give you the stunning eyes. Keep the cotton balls soaked in the ice water or the handkerchief on the eyes for 10 minutes gives the refreshment for your eyes.
  5. Cucumber: Another natural substance that can cure the dark circle is cucumber. The fatigue of eyes will be cured by the cucumber. Make the cucumber as a slice and keep it on the eyes which gives relaxation to your eyes and recovers from the dark circles. The cucumber juice is the natural medicine to cool your eyes and to maintain the refreshment of the eyes.
  6. Oil Massage: Oil massages around the eyes keep away the dark circles. Gently give circular massage around eye muscles at the time of facial. Take some olive oil or baby oil or castor oil to massage the eye muscle to rejuvenate your eyes. By doing this regularly, the fatigue of eyes and the dark circles gradually disappears.
  7. Aloe vera: Aloe vera gel is a wonderful home remedy for the dark circle. Aloe vera is used to treat the suntanned skin and also fire burns. Aloe vera and potatoes are used to treat the darkened skin caused by wearing glasses and gives a good effect.
  8. Sandal: For eyecare, you can use a paste of sandalwood, nutmeg to reduce dark circles and wash your eyes with salty water to get bright and sparkling eyes.
  9. Papaya: Make a face pack with papaya pulp and the aloe vera gel paste, apply it on your face to remove the pigmentation along with the dark circles.
  10. Starch Powder: Take a teaspoon of potato starch powder, a pinch of barley powder with mashed banana, mix it well and apply it around the eyes will give you the instant results on eye bags along with the dark circles.
  11. Almonds: Soak the almonds then grind it with milk and apply it around the eyes makes the dark circles disappear.
  12. Sleep Well: Good sleep is essential for healthy eyes. Eight hours of night sleep is important than the day time sleep. Greens must be included in your diet.

Note: Dark circles under the eyes, paleness, and loss of tone are common skin irregularities that bother women suffering from anemia and other circulatory disorders.

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