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Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health

Sweet friend Aloe

Aloe vera which is called as searched heaven, wonders of plant, pharmacy of the villages, serves as most important ingredient in preparation of cosmetics. Aloe offers innumerable benefits to skin and hair. The siddha practitioners usually call it as ‘Kumari’ and the plant is basically originated from South African & Arabian Countries.

The plant is perennial and it is of fern’s type. It grows on well drained soils in the hot regions and in high altitudes it grows on fences. Aloe lives for many years and it grows as Bush, with succulent leaves having a lot of moisture content. Leaves are arranged in a rosette pattern.

There are many types of aloe like Aloe vera, Aloe Littoralis, Aloe Barbedensis, Aloe Squarossa and Aloe Virdiflora. Aloe vera is normally used in the medicinal practices. The leaf of juice contains the phytochemicals such as Anthroquinones, Resins, Polysaccharides and Aloktinepi. The yellow colored latex is called as “Moosambaram”.

Aloe vera benefits for skin

Aloe plays a vital role in manufacturing of all the cosmetics. The juice of aloe balances the moisture content of the skin and cures the skin diseases.

  • The anti bacterial and anti microbial properties in aloe, reduces the pimple, acne, and black spots. Aloe gel shall be applied on the pimple, healing acne scars effectively.
  • It reduces the irritation on the skin and renders a cooling effect on skin. It rejuvenates the tissues and moisturizes. It is applicable for all types of skin. It helps getting rid of the wrinkles, refreshes the skin and helps to maintain the skin young and glowing. The scar marks will be reduced remarkably by aloe.
  • The black marks, scars, sun burns, dry skin can be treated by using Aloe daily.
  • If we apply the juice of Aloe at the night and wash it with warm water in the morning, the darkness will be reduced and the skin will glow.
  • The aloe gel is applied on face to moisturize dry skin and keeps the skin supple. After applying aloe vera and soaked it for some time and after washing that if we apply makeup it will last for long time.
  • The skin turns black while it is exposed to sun for a long time. Sometimes black marks and change in skin colour will happen. Excessive exposure of the skin to sun may cause skin cancer. Therefore whenever we go out, applying moisturizer is essential. In that case aloe vera gel is an excellent moisturizer to prevent sun tan.
  • The aloe along with its skin and the raw turmeric can be ground together and applied to face, neck, hands and legs. It can be washed after few hours with the foam of fenugreek. It is very effective in removing suntan and for promoting a glowing even complexion devoid of dark patches. If we comb the hair after applying aloe, the hair will remain as it is. It will cool the body.

Aloe vera benefits for hair

  • In the protection and maintenance of hair, aloe is used to keep the hair color and stimulates the hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy for treating dandruff and other problems of scalp.
  • Coconut oil and the aloe gel is boiled together and applied on scalp to induce hair growth. If taken as oil bath it will provide a soothing effect to eye and acts as a sedative.
  • Aloe Vera gel containing anti-inflammatory properties cures baldness and reduces hair loss.
  • The aloe gel is boiled with oil and the oil is massaged on the scalp to increase the hair growth.

Health benefits of aloe vera

The medicinal  properties exists mostly in the matured plant even though there are many colors like pale green, light green and dark green  in the plant is available in nature.

  • The wounds that are happened while men shave, can be instantly cured by using aloe. The instant doctor for treating burns caused by fire is none other than Aloe.
  • The aloe gel can cure the eye disorders and irritations.
  • Aloe gel along with the castor oil can be boiled together and one tea spoon has to be taken internally daily twice in the morning and evening. It will reduce the body heat and keeps the skin glowing. It cures the constipation and the leaves the liver healthy.
  • Aloe vera penetrates into the skin faster than water. It contains vitamin C, B and minerals. It contains the fat reducing protein called collagen and resulting in reduction of wrinkles and aged look of the skin. The oil regulates the menstrual cycles in women. But it will abort the pregnancy.
  • If taken internally, the stomach ulcers and all the stomach related disorders will be cured.
  • Aloe gel, soaked and ground fenugreek, garlic pieces are boiled in castor oil and filtered. A teaspoon of this oil is taken internally in the morning or before going to bed to reduce body heat and gain weight. It helps cure gonorrhea.
  • Stretch marks will appear if there is increase in weight and during pregnancy. It is very difficult to cure the marks. But aloe is applied and massaged for some time on the stretch marks for eliminating traces of them.

Now we can say that aloe vera is a good friend for the youngsters. Is that not? So let us grow an aloe in every home.


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