5 Different Skin Types, Its Conditions and Routine Care

Skin! It holds importance just because it reflects our entire beauty. Protecting skin is the first step towards health. The skin should always be fresh. It should be clear and sparkle even without makeup. Is this possible? Small work out is enough to maintain your skin properly. We can get the charm what we expect.

Only the melanin amount decides the complexion of the skin and not the health. The identity of healthy skin is skin with moisture, glossy appearance, acne, warts, and wrinkle-free skin.  Are you the one who buys all the products shown in advertisements like cream, soap, gel, cosmetics? Is it not suitable for you which is recommended by your friend or a known person as a good product? The problem is not with the product. It is with your skin.

Knowing Skin Type is Important

different skin types

When fever is there and we provide treatment to the stomach pain how will the fever get cured? It is similar to skin treatment. The treatment given to the skin without knowing the skin type is of waste. It is enough to know the skin type and do the daily maintenance correspondingly the beauty will be in your hands. Let us discuss the types of the skin and the maintenance elaborately in this chapter.

Many people do not know what their skin types are for choosing the skincare routine. Without knowing this is we use the creams which are sold in the stores are subject to the various skin problems. This problem is not due to the creams, but it’s us. Creams sold in stores are specified with skin type it is suitable to. But many of them ignore it and start using the cream and so it spoils the existing beauty.

Different Skin Types

Normally skin can be determined into five types. Well, let us see the five different skin types, conditions, and routine care briefly.


  1. Normal Skin: Healthy skin without more oiliness and more dryness. The skin which does not have any problem is only the normal skin. We can enhance the beauty of the skin by using good quality cosmetics.
  2. Oily Skin: Oily face with the oil flow will always be there. In summer season your skin secretes more oil which will spoil your beautiful face.
  3. Dry Skin: It is very dry and the upper skin will look unhealthy. Dry skin is caused when the moisture content and the oil content of the skin is too low. White patches, itching skin, dark spots, cracks, or mosaic-like patches appear on the skin because of dryness.
  4. Combination Skin: Oiliness on forehead, nose and other places will be dry. Normally combination skin is not too dry, oily and sensitive. You can protect combination skin with applying cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen regularly and your skin will become delicate like a flower.
  5. Sensitive Skin: Different from the above mentioned four types, namely without oil, without being dry and will be very soft. If we press and rub lightly it will turn red and irritation.

These are the main types of skin. Many of which have subdivisions too. For example pimple skin, oily skin with pimples is some of them. You can find these by looking at the skin normally. There are solutions for each individual skin types. Can we determine our skin types easily at home?

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