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Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin, Factors, Maintenance

Dry skin! Fascinating skin thereafter.

Now we are going to see the skin care tips for dry skin, factors and maintenance with parlor and traditional way. The dry patches may appear anywhere in the body. Normally this dryness will be more in the hands and the legs. For some people it will appear on the mouth, cheek and beneath the eyes. But many people do not know why this dryness appears. The main factors are dry air, hot water, dehydration in the body, soaps, medicines, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes. But the very important reason for this is the weather condition. In the winter season the cold climate and the low humidity make the skin dry. If you already have the problem it gets severe in this climate.

If we do not take care of the dry skin, we will get wrinkles, loose skin, aged look and many more problems. Then the dry skin will change into sensitive skin. So we should apply moisturizer and the night cream without fail. Using the cream based face wash and makeup items will help prevent the skin becoming drier.

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin, Factors and Maintenance in Parlordry-skin-parlor-treatment

While doing parlor service, the people with the dry skin should not bleach. In facials aroma gold facial, chocolate facial, advanced brightening, lightening and glow and white, 03 facial are all for dry skinned people. In particular the chocolate facial is suitable for the dry skin.

First we will apply cleansing milk to clean the face and then apply the toner. Cocoa powder and sugar are mixed and used as a scrub. For all the facials the vapor is given after the scrub. But for dry skin, the vapor is given only after the massage. For massaging, fresh cream, cocoa powder mixture is used. Then water vapor is given and then the black and white heads are removed. Then we will spread the bandage cloth and we apply paraffin, chocolate, cocoa powder melted mixture and we remove it after it gets dried. So the dryness of the face is reduced and then face will become bright.

The Characteristics of Dry Skin

As already told the sebaceous glands in the dermis secretes the oil called sebum. The required quantity of the sebum if secretes below and above the skin the skin is protected normally. The main reason for the dry skin is the low secretion of the sebum. In oily skin the pores on the skin will be bigger and for the dry skin the pores will be shrunken comparatively. So the sebum secreted inside the dry skin cannot come up and hence the skin becomes dull.

Identify Dry Skin Easily

Here is the simple way to identify whether your skin is dry. After getting up in the morning and if you see your face closer in the mirror, there will be wrinkles like small squares. If you touch it, it will be rough.

Advantages of Dry Skin

The advantages of this skin type are it is suitable to all types of the makeup items, cream, soap and oils. There will not be any allergy. Pimples will not appear at all.

Disadvantages of Dry Skin

If we want to say the disadvantages of the dry skin, the problems which comes to the older people like laughter lines, crow’s feet lines near the eyes, frown lines on the fore head will appear in 30’s. The pores of the skin will be shrunken and in the winter it will be even more shrunken. The sebum which is secreted in the dermis will be expelled through the skin and protect our skin. But for the dry skin the sebum cannot come out and thus affected by the sun rays and the pollution. It is normal there will be so oily in the summer season for many people. But for dry skin it will become even drier. The rash, dark spots and eczema are the properties of the dry skinned people.

The Maintenance of Dry Skin in Home

They should massage with the good quality cleansing milk daily before going to bed. Then should apply herbal moisturizer.  Toner is not needed. While buying a moisturizer we should buy deep moisturizing cream instead of lotion. Daily before washing face take 10 ml of raw milk, 20 drops of glycerin and mix well, apply this with a cotton and wipe it out. This will protect our skin for 4-5 hours from dryness. Always we should drink more water to prevent from dryness.

We can intake spirulina capsules daily in the morning. It is prepared from the sea algae. It has all the minerals except vitamin C. It protects the moisture content. Night they can take the vitamin C capsule and primrose oil capsule can be taken in the evening. It increases the immunity of the skin. It changes the dry skin into normal. They should not go out without applying anything. If we use the day and night cream continuously we can protect from the aged look as well as the wrinkles.

The Avocado Face Pack for Dry Skinavocado-face-mask

Buy the unripened avocado and keep it for three days in home. Third day the skin will turn brown instead of green. Take the flesh of the fruit by cutting it. Add well ripened 2 sapotta fruits pulp and grind it. Add 2 teaspoon of Milk powder, 1 teaspoon honey, 1teaspoon glycerin and 1/4 teaspoon gelatin and keep it for 3-4 hours. Then keep it in an air tight container and refrigerate it. Take one spoon of this daily and apply in face, neck and hands and wash it with cold water after it gets dried. If we do this for mere 10 days the skin will regain from dryness become glow.

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