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Determine Your Skin Type at Home Easily

When you see that everyone’s skin is generally seemed to be alike. It is like how the face structures are not different and similarly the skin types are also different.

Determine Your Skin Type With Simple Tissue Test

Our skin types categorized depending upon elasticity, comfort, sensitivity level, water and oil content by normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. Let us see how to determine our skin type at home easily.  The wake up time is the right time to test our skin type. Wash your face well with cleanser before going to sleep and don’t apply any night creams or others. After waking up take the facial tissue, spread it on your face and press gently all parts in your face.


  • If you see a light oiliness all over the face then it is normal skin.
  • If the paper is spread with oil evenly then it is called oily skin.
  • If there is not at oil oiliness then it is dry skin.
  • If there is oily on your nose, chin, and forehead (T-Zone) and other part is dry it is combination skin.
  • With a little oily, very soft and if we slightly pinch the skin and we get the wrinkles with irritation it is sensitive skin.

Normal skin The skin can agree with all makeup and beauty product. They do not have any problems. So they do not need to worry about anything.

Oily skin: Even if we do Makeup and frequent face wash the skin will be always oily. People with this skin can use cleanser. They should apply advance cleanser and toner. So it removes dirty. For oily skin the moisturizer with high humidity or oil free moisturizer can be used to keep the face fresh.

Dry skin: skin is always found dry. Milk has to be used to cleanse. Take it in the hands and apply on the face and the neck in circular motion. The can use the herbal moisturizer and cleanser. There won’t be any harm or side effects to the skin if it contains herbal ingredients.

Combination skin: One part of the skin will be dry and the other parts will be oily. We can identify where the oily skin is and where the dry skin with the help of beauty parlors is. After that we can use the makeup and the beauty cosmetics suitable to it.

Sensitive skin: Which causes skin allergies so, we have to determine this skin type with the help of experiments in the parlor. People with this skin should take more cautions like food we intake, creams, lotion we apply all should be taken care. Pineapple, tomatoes, lemon, eggplant will cause allergy to some people. Some will get allergy if they newly applying makeup.

Let us discuss about the maintenance and the protection of each type of skin and beautifying methods elaborately.

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