Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin – Reasons, Treatment

People with sensitive skin will have more skin problems. They should be aware of everything from edible foods to cosmetics. People with sensitive skin may need to take some time to maintain their skin. People with sensitive skin cannot use all products on the face. Whatever is used, the skin will cause itching and irritation, and the beauty will be gone. Therefore, people with sensitive skin should think twice before using any product to enhance their beauty. So these skin care tips for sensitive skin can help you avoid the confusion of how to care.

The Reasons for Sensitive Skin

The problem which affects the sensitive skin is reddening of the skin, side effects for the cosmetics including moisturizers, problems that occur due to the sun heat, extreme heat and the extreme cold are the most common reasons. They should minimize the usage of cosmetics. They can use the cleanser without any fragrance followed by the moisturizer and the sunscreen. They should consult with the cosmetologist before taking any skin treatments. They should avoid preserved foods and sweet foods. Vitamin A and beta carotene are good for sensitive skin.

How to Identify Sensitive Skin?

We can identify the sensitive skin by the heat in the palm or infection due to extreme cold or heat. The tissue test is the easiest way to find out what our skin type is.

What are the Different Types of Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin will be very soft and delicate. It has two types. One is visible sensitive skin. i.e., more pimples, heat boils, reddishness due to exposure to the sun all are visible on the skin.

The second type is invisible sensitive skin. i.e, nothing can be seen outside. But they will get allergy even for a small mosquito or ant bites.

How Often Sensitive Skin?

The skin which is familiar to be in the normal environment, or cold region areas when exposed to the extreme hotness suddenly or usage of the chemical-rich makeup products or bleaching often or if the improper maintenance of the skin will be changed to the sensitive skin.

This type of skin should be maintained using the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer often. If it is not done the skin problems like pigmentation, rashes, blackheads may arise. For this, we have to take treatment with the dermatologist along with the parlor service.

Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

  • People having sensitive skin should avoid cosmetics with more fragrance and alcohol. Because the chemicals will cause the itching and the inflammation in the skin. People having sensitive skin should use natural products to maintain the skin. And also they should avoid hard facial scrubs.
  • The vapors and the removal of blackheads may cause irritation on the skin. But before doing all this we have to consult the dermatologist.
  • Using powder makeup always is good for this. If you use the liquid foundation you can use the silicon-based foundation. It is good for this.
  • We should not use old cosmetics, especially for eye products. Foundation and lipstick can be used for one year. Mascara can be used for three to four months. Powders can be used for two years. Also, the makeup brush and the sponges should be cleaned properly.
  • Using black eyeliner and the mascara can be used. Because they will not cause allergy.
  • Pencil eyeliner is manufactured with the base of paraffin. So the preservatives are very less in this. So using the pencil eyeliners are good. The latex which is used in the liquid eyeliner causes allergy to some people.
  • People with sensitive skin should not wash their face for more than two times. If you wash it often, the natural oiliness in the face will go off.

Maintenance of the Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, the face wash containing salicylic acid should be mixed with more water and wash often. Or the raw milk should be applied on the face using a cotton ball and after five minutes we can wash with the cold water. They should not wash their face or bath in hot water. They should eat the watery fruits to reduce the body heat and the sensitiveness of the skin is reduced.

The cosmetics are the worst enemy for sensitive skin. If it is an unavoidable foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen all should not be used more. Because the pores in the sensitive skin are blocked by these creams. So we will get more problems. So we can use lotion-based products. But before applying all this, we should cleanse the skin and use toner mixed ice water to tighten the open pores.

Suitable Facial for Sensitive Skin

Many facials that are done in the parlors will not be suitable for sensitive skin. For them, the facial with fresh fruits is good than the chemical facials. Especially the strawberry facial is good for sensitive skin.

In this facial, the strawberry fruit skin is smashed and it is used as a scrub in the face. Then water vapor is given and then the black and whiteheads are removed. Then the fleshy part of the strawberry is made into a pulp and massage is given with this. After this, the face is covered with the bandage cloth. Melted paraffin is applied over the bandage cloth in Lukewarm heat. This mask is removed after 10-15 minutes. This facial is a good moisturizer for the skin as well as it helps to be a healthy one.


Homemade Face Pack for Sensitive Skin

  • Take a handful of cherries and grind them with 10 ml of coconut milk.
  • Cover the ice cube with a muslin cloth and use it as a bag, keep it all over the face.
  • After that, keep the bandage cloth on the face and apply the thick mixture of cherry- coconut milk and keep it for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes remove the pack along with the bandage cloth.
  • Wipe the face with cotton dipped with the rose water.

If you continuously do this weekly once, the skin will glow and the sensitiveness of the skin decreases so that the skin turns to be normal skin soon.

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