How To Prepare and Do Facial At Home – Step By Step Procedure

Doing a facial at home is easier than you would expect to make yourself. We need not go away like it is of something related to beauty parlor on saying facials. It has been kept on practice from ancient days from home itself. But it was a routine and they have not used the name facial.

Ordinarily facial is applying oil, and bathing with Bengal gram flour. Dead cells in the face are removed by this. Blood circulation will be increased. The debris which is found in the skin pores is removed and the face becomes clean. The scars which are left over by the pimples will also start to decrease and blackheads and whiteheads also removed. If you like to do a facial at home, follow these step by step procedures.

Things Required for Doing Facial

Before you begin, you’ll need the following things required for doing facial.


  1. Facial Kit- these are available in the market. For those who do not have this, a blunt spoon will also be enough. Or even the backside of a plucker is enough. But everything should be sterilized properly. If it is not properly sterilized, rashes may appear after facial. For sterilization, boil the water and put the instruments in the boiling water and keep it for some time.
  2. Small mirror.
  3. Apricot scrubber or any other facial scrubber-Steve’s formula, clear tone are some of the brands.
  4. Massage cream- Shea buttercream is best suited for skin. We can use even olive oil. But Shea butter is best among this.
  5. Facial tissue- Thick facial tissues are not good for the skin. Use thin facial tissues.
  6. Facial Sauna – would look like a mixer grinder. We have to fill water and switch it on to get water vapors. We can show our face and get it vaporized. Or else we can use ordinary utensils to boil the water if we don’t have that or do not wish to spend on that. 

Ingredients to Prepare Facial Pack:

Take the following ingredients, mix it together in a bowl and keep it in the refrigerator before starting the facial.

  1. Chickpea flour – 1 spoon
  2. Kasturi turmeric – ¼ spoon
  3. Sandal powder –  ¼ spoon
  4. Rosewater  – 1 spoon,
  5. Multani mitti– ½ spoon (those having dry skin may avoid this),
  6. Lemon juice – 10 drops,
  7. Curd- 1 spoon (those having oiling skin, avoid this).

Keeping in the refrigerator will just to give a cooling effect to face while doing facial. But we need not do that compulsorily.

Don’t use anything to face for 8 hours after facial. Even we can avoid soap. So prefer afternoon or evening times for facials. If pores are not closed after facial and if we use cream or soap, it will affect the skin. And we can avoid going into the hot sun. Don’t do any kind of bleach or facial on the first day prior to the party.

Doing Facial at Home Step by Step

After getting ready for facial, do it step by step. If we do not do it properly there will not be enough benefits. Let us discuss step by step by titles.


Cleansing: Comb the hair and clip it on the top of the head. First, wash the face and neck with soap or clean them with the cleansing milk.


Removal of dead cells: Apply the scrubber on face and neck and rub it with circular motions on cheeks and at the sides of nose rub it with fingers in up and down motion, at forehead in a circular motion, at the lower portion of the chin downwardly and circularly at the upper part of the chin. Rub the neck portions upwardly. The skin around the eyes is delicate. So don’t scrub under the eyes. Most of the parlors have just started scrubbing. It is a better way to remove the dead cells.


Massage to increase the blood circulation: Apply the massage cream on the face and neck. Now on cheek massage in a circular motion, do it around the eyes slowly. On chin do it upwardly and from center part of the forehead to the end of the eyebrows, again on cheeks in a circular motion with little more pressure. On lips, do it in a circular motion and at the sides of the lips do it in an elliptic manner. Do upwardly on the neck. Pinch the cheek softly while doing massage so that it will increase the blood circulation. Do this kind of massage for about 10 minutes.


To open pores: Now use a facial sauna or a vessel with boiling water. Get the vapors by showing your face to it and by closing yourself by a towel. Get the vapors until the vapors turning like sweat in the face.


Blackheads Removal: Take the lengthy rod-like an instrument from the facial kit, or the spoon, on watching the mirror give pressure with these instruments on both the sides of the nose. The blackheads on the nose will be removed like this. Wipe the nose and the blackheads removed or the spoon on a tissue often. Likewise, remove do it on the chin. Usually, whiteheads will be present on chin.


To close the pores: Apply the face pack. Wait until it gets dried and washes it away. Don’t speak or laugh straining the muscles while applying the pack. Because when the pack tightens the muscles, it may wrinkle the skin if we strain them. The pores will be closed on the application of the pack.

That’s all. Try them and do let me know. Enjoy yourself! Doing it before read the dos and don’ts before and after doing facials. Also, know the facial methods and types doing salons.

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