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Facial Methods and Types According to the Skin Type

Even though the facial methods and types seem to be identical, it is very important to choose the facial according to the skin type. It has 3 parts namely Dry skin, Oily skin and Sensitive and Acne skin. Based on the three skin types we can decide the facials.

Clean up: It can be done once in 2 weeks from the age of sixteen.

Basic facial: Those who wants to take some massage can take this up along with the clean up suitable for the skin type.

Glow facial: This is suitable for Dry skin and sensitive skin. This is called as gold facial.

Hydration facial: Dehydrated skin will have a dull look. It is common that dry skin is affected much by the environment. They can hydrate the skin with this facial and retain the hydration and make the skin glow with this facial.

Radiant facial: Oily and combination skin can be done with this facial

Anti aging facial: This facial is suitable for those who is having aged look in young age which removes the wrinkles and enhance the glow.

Anti tan facial: It will add the glow to the skin by removing the pigmentation and the darkness which is caused by hot sun.

Skin lightening facial: This increases the fairness of the skin and suitable for all types of skin.

Treatment facial: This facial is done for pigmentation or dark circles or else acne for 5-6 times will yield better results.

Masks: Masks can be put up along with all the facials and they will provide instant results.

Fruit facial: It is done with the products made out of fruit juices. It is suitable for oily and combination skin. In olden era, people knew that they can cure the diseases by having colour based food. They had red coloured fruits and vegetables with the reason that they help increase metabolism. They are effective in making the skin glow. Red coloured Tomatoes, Beetroot, Red chillies, Red apple, Red grapes, Onion, Watermelon are all help in maintaining good health and skin. Tomato and the sausages made of tomato protects the health.There is more probability for skin cancer because of the UV rays in summer. The acids available in red coloured fruits and vegetables protect the skin from the sunlight.


Facial treatments types doing salons: 

Commonly beauty salons provide three ranges of services from small, classic and deluxe facials. Select the type and scope of your treatment according your skin type, timing and its cost too. Together, they will find the optimum product selection for your unique personality. Before each treatment, you will be asked by your salon advisors what the most important aspects of the treatment you would like are to you, so that it can be adapted to suit your needs and requests in the most optimum manner possible. Please also let them know if you feel any discomfort or have any particular wishes during the treatment.

Small or basic facial

Small or basic facial consisting of cleansing, peeling, evaporation, deep cleansing or face massage, and pack containing special active substances.

Complete facial

Complete facial consisting of cleansing, peeling, evaporation, deep cleansing, face massage, pack containing special active substances and your eyebrow shaping and tweezing.

Deluxe facial

Classic extensive facial consisting of cleansing, peeling, evaporation, deep cleansing, face massage, pack containing special active substances, eyebrow shaping, tweezing, a rich ampoule and mask.

Note:  Before facials Read the dos and don’ts before and after doing facials.

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