Facial Methods and Types According to the Skin Type

A facial is a beauty treatment that is done in beauty salons to enhance the beauty of the face. When the facial is done the dead cells of the skin are removed and the face is refreshed and glowy. Even though the facial methods and types seem to be identical, it is very important to choose the facial methods and types according to the skin type. It has 3 parts namely Dry skin, Oily skin and Sensitive and Acne skin. Based on the three skin types we can decide the facials.

Facial Methods and Types 

Commonly beauty salons provide three ranges of services from small, classic and deluxe facials. Select the type and scope of your treatment according to your skin type, timing and cost too. Together, they will find the optimum product selection for your unique personality. Before each treatment, you will be asked by your salon advisors what the most important aspects of the treatment you would like are to you so that it can be adapted to suit your needs and requests in the most optimum manner possible. Please also let them know if you feel any discomfort or have any particular wishes during the treatment.

Basic Facial

Basic facial consisting of cleansing, peeling, evaporation, deep cleansing or face massage, and a pack containing special active substances. A regular facial is a natural type that removes dead cells, dirt, and impurities on the face skin and rejuvenates the skin. Cleaning is essential before doing any facial. Those who want to take some massage can take this up along with the cleanse. This will improve the health and brightness of the skin.

Acne Reduction Racial

This facial is perfect for people with acne and dark spots. In this facial, first massaged the skin with glycolic acid on the cleansed face. Glycolic acid helps to dry them on active pimples and eliminate them quickly. People who suffer from acne more often done this facial twice a week to get good results.

Aromatherapy Facial


Aromatherapy facial is a facial method done with special aromatic oil extracted and distilled from herbs, flowers, leaves and some herbal products. Doing this facial can help in exfoliating the impurities, toxins, and dead cells in the skin and improving the skin’s natural properties. Doing facial with aroma oil for according to our skin types like normal skin, oily and dry skin, it helps to remove the pigmentation, dark spot, dark circle around the eyes without any side effects.

Wine Facial


Wine facial is the best choice for those who are prone to sunburns and worry that the complexion of the skin color is fading. The face is cleansed, toned and massaged with wine, just like a regular facial. Wine is very good for the skin because it contains full of fruit juices. Wine facials add extra color and instant beauty than regular facials. Wine therapy is used to treat burns and wrinkles. It also removes toxins that are present in the skin. Beauty experts say that this facial tightens the skin. Aside from that, there are many different types of wines. Each wine varies according to skin type.

Jewel Facial

There are unique facials for bridals such as Pearl, Gold, Diamond, Aroma, and Wine, etc.,  Jewel facial is the newest type of facial that has come to be the modern women, especially the bridals.  Normally, five jewels are used in this jewel facial. The facial kit is made from pearls, diamonds, turquoise, peridot and rose quartz pieces of stones. Each of these gemstones has different kinds of properties that are really helpful for maintaining our skin. Peridot penetrates the skin and removes the dirt. Turquoise removes unwanted toxins from the skin. Pearl gives smoothens the skin. Rosequartz increases blood flows. Diamonds regulates the skin collagen. The jewel facial kit contains these gemstones that are essential for our skin to remain bright and youthful forever.

Paraffin Facial


A facial coating based on paraffin helps to preserve the moisture of the skin and reduces the appearance of aging. This facial will give you shine and smooth skin. After this facial, the skin is brightened and persistent.

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