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Homemade Face Masks For Instant Glow

Face masks which provides instant glows at home:

Normally if there is any special occasions or parties women’s will take extra care in enhancing their beauty by makeovers. Beyond that they will go to beauty parlors for eyebrow threading, waxing, facials etc.

Whatever may the makeup, somebody’s face will look dull, and they may have skin problems like pimples, dark spots, wrinkles etc. The chemicals used in the parlors sometimes create the problems for skin. So we can make face masks by simple home based things. So that we do not get any side effects, and the skin becomes glowing and refreshed.

There are so many reasons for wrinkles in the skin. So much of wind, heat, and chemical if exposed to skin, dryness and smoking can cause wrinkles on the skin. If we are exposed to sun for a long duration, the wrinkles and the pale yellow skin will appear and the skin will lose its softness. Dark spots will appear. Our carelessness is also a reason for this. For avoiding these kinds of problems, maintenance is essential. Face masks are enough in treating the wrinkles at home. Let us discuss about the homemade face masks for instant glow and keep ourselves beauty.

Banana face mask:

Banana contains more nutrients which are essential for skin. The banana face mask opens the skin pores and cleanses the skin, moisturizes and pimples, wrinkles will be removed. Well ripened banana is mashed and 1-2 drops olive oil, rose water and cocoa butter. Then clean the face with milk and shown in vapor for few minutes. Wipe the face with towel. Apply the banana mixture on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it with cool water. So the face becomes glowing and refreshing.

Papaya face mask:

Papaya is valuable in making the skin glowly. While going out to any party or function, the papaya face mask will be effective. Small piece of papaya is grind and mixed with milk and lemon juice and it can be applied on face and massage for 1 minute and then allowed it for getting dry. Then it can be washed with cold water. By applying this face mask the dead cells are removed and make the skin moisturized. This is also effective in treating wrinkles.

Clay mask:

Generally we use ‘Multani Mitti’ (Fullers Earth) in clay face mask or gram dhal flour. If we use multani mitti, rose water and sandal powder should be used. If we use the flour small quantity of curd and lemon should be mixed and applied. Both these masks will provide a good benefit to the skin.

Honey mask:

One tablespoon honey and ½ teaspoon carrot juice is mixed together. Cotton is dipped in soda bi carbonate water and the honey mixture and applied on the face and left for 20 minutes. Then it should be washed with cold water. This will easily remove the wrinkles.

Glycerin- Honey mask:

One table spoon honey and one table spoon glycerin is mixed together and applied before going to bed, and washed in the morning with pure water.

Apple mask:

Apple contains more vitamins and antioxidants. So apple can be smashed and applied on face for getting glow and avoiding wrinkles.

Onion Mask:

One teaspoon of onion juice and honey is mixed and applied on face. It is massaged for some time and allowed for drying. The microbes, wrinkles will be removed by this mask. Our young and married women’s usually use the cucumber for treating dark circles. The cucumber will refresh the eyes and look like it is bleached. On the day of wedding ceremony cucumber can be placed on eyes for 20 minutes for removing dark circles. Potato can be used by replacing cucumber.

Olive oil massage:

Is your face looks dry before any make up?  Face can be massaged with olive oil and then washed with cold water or any face wash. Wipe it. Now the skin will be glowing with good oil content.

Let us apply the above face masks and keep our skin glow, young and wrinkle less.

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