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What is Toner? What are the Benefits of It?

The fundamental thing for the skincare regime is a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. We have seen the information about cleanser in the previous articles. We have also seen that cleansing is helpful in cleaning the upper and lower layers of the skin. Should not we close the skin pores which are opened due to cleansing? If we leave it without closing the pores, the dirt present in the environment will lock the pores and appear pimples and dark spots. To avoid this and keeping the skin healthy, the part of the toner is very essential. Let us discuss what is toner? To whom and what are the benefits of toner?

What is Toner?

In the routine of skin maintenance, many people cleanse and moisturize the skin but skip doing the toning. But toning the skin is very important in the foundation of skin maintenance. To keep the skin young and soft it is important to use the toner. That is why toner is called skin tonic.

The cells of the skin naturally will have moisture content in it, which is called Natural Moistening Factor (NMF). The natural moisture of the skin is affected by washing the skin and cleansing. By using the toner, the natural oil and water content of the skin is retained and protects the moisture content of the tissues to keep the skin from dryness and healthy. We can see that our skin becoming fresh and beautiful by applying toner before applying moisturizer.

What are the Benefits of Toner?

what is toner

Toner Act as a Protective Shield

By using the toner, the essential nutrients and the moisture content is gained by the skin. It acts as a protective shield for the skin. It also prevents the infection of the dirt present in the environment. In short, toner has got a very important place in the beauty and health of skin secrets.

Contains More Ingredients

The usage of the toner varies by the ingredients present in it. For instance, the eucalyptus oil controls the oiliness. hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA maintains moisture content. If it contains ginseng, it improves blood circulation. Witch hazel destroys the bacteria causing pimples. Elderberry fruit extract if present acts as an antioxidant. The penetration will be more in the oily skin than the dry skin. If you wish the serum or the moisturizer you use should penetrate into the skin you have to start using the toner.

Toner Cleans White Layer

The chlorine, minerals and other chemicals mixed in the drinking water makes the water potable but while taking bath in this water, and washing the face wash the chemicals including chlorine affects the moisture content and the complexion of the skin. Toner will clean the white layer formed by the water.

Toner Keeps pH Level

Toner is helpful in keeping the pH level of the skin balanced. The dryness and the pH imbalance caused by using the soap containing high pH level and foam giving face washes is cured by the toner.

Toner Cures Pimples

A few will have pimples on the skin. They may have the oil secretion always in the face. They will keep unveiling it by excessive makeup. Instead of that mild toner can be used for removing the excessive oil content and the dirt’s and also the pimples. Those who have to use excessive makeup and sunscreen, it is very important to use the toner

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