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Choosing Right Cleanser For Different Skin Type

Cleansing is the foremost step of skin maintenance. Skin should be handled delicately. So choosing cleanser according your skin type is very essential. If confused to find out what your skin type is, our previous articles different types of skin and determine skin types may helpful to you.

How Many Types of Cleansers are there?

In our previous article, we know the all about of basic skin maintenance of using cleanser. There are different type of cleansers available in the cosmetic world for specific skin type.  Let’s start to know choosing right cleanser for your skin type.

Normal Skin Cleanser


This is usually unknown cleanser. For normal skin, liquid cleanser and soap gels will be suitable. For normal skin, cleansing sheets can be used. The petrolatum available in these cleansers will be dissolved in water and make the skin soft and moisturized after the face wash. Those who have normal skin can use the loofa to cleanse the skin.

Dry Skin Cleansers


Those who have dry skin, if use cream cleanser it will decrease the dryness. It is good to use cleanser for only face and the skin wrinkles. Cleansing sheets are now available which contain liquid cleanser. This also protects the dry skin. Cream cleansers can be used by the people with the dry skin which reduces the dryness.

Oily Skin Cleanser


Those who have oily skin should use cleansers mixed with water or the deep cleansers which are suitable for oily skin. This will control the oil secretion. Soap gels and the strong liquid cleansers will be helpful to oily skin. We can use the cleansers which are used for pimple skin can be used for the oily skin too.

Combination Skin Cleanser


The cleanser with correct pH balance and which provides more foam and gel form cleanser are suitable for combination to dry skin. Sensitive skin people should not use the perfumed or preservative added cleansers. This will affect the skin easily. They should not use the cleansers with cleansing grains. The cleansers with balanced pH level will be suitable for sensitive skin. They can also use liquid cleansers.

Sensitive Skin Cleanser


If your skin is of sensitive type that is if it has lot of infections and irritation you can use mild cleansers. There are many mild cleansers which are especially available for pimply skin. Oil less and non comedogenic cleansers are prescribed for this.

Acne Cleansers

Acne cleansers are helpful to remove the excessive oil, make up, sweat and dust. By using such type of cleansers, the cosmetics which we use for the pimples will penetrate into the skin. At the same time, if we use these cleansers often, the skin will become dry and will be affected. If you have pimples, don’t use the cleansers for more than 2 times.

Anti Bacterial Cleanser

These cleansers are of medical in nature. Triclosan is the primary agent in this which is used as a cleanser here. Those who have to provide utmost care to the skin can use this to yield better results. Those who have more pimples have much types of anti-bacterial cleansers available in the market.

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