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How to Prevent Scars from Pimples

The scars which are left over by the pimples affect the skin very badly.  The scars will appear once the pimple is treated by nails roughly. We cannot remove the scars immediately and it will take some time to vanish. There are some ways to prevent the pimples and remove the scars from home.

Before cleaning the pimple place an ice cube on the pimple for a few minutes. While placing the ice cube the blood will not come out. Normally when pimples arise it is necessary to remove the pus (white-colored liquid) from the pimple. The pus should not be spread to other places. We should be very careful about removing the pimples. The white-colored pus will come out followed by blood. If we leave it out after wiping the liquid the pimples will start spreading. After removing the pimple, any face pack should be applied immediately. If we do not apply the face pack the dirt’s and the impurities will enter inside the pores and will create problems to the skin.

The persons who are getting more pimples should take care of their skin. There will be a pain for those who have more pimples and they cannot even place the finger on the pimple. They can better consult a dermatologist than a cosmetologist for treating the pimple.

Even when the pimples are removed the pus will ooze out from the spot where the pimple is removed. Once if it stays inside that will also create problems for the skin. If the liquid is taken, it may leave a scar. So the persons having more pimples can go to the skin doctor for treating the pimples.

The scars which are left by the pimples can be treated. There is a long treatment for treating the scars. If they have pimples should not take any facials. Because excessive oil in the skin causes pimples the creams used in the facials will contain oiliness. So the skin may be affected by facials. If they want to do facial, they should consult with a doctor. They can go for bleaching. Bleaching will remove the oil content on the face.

Prevent Scars From Pimples

We should not go for the creams sold in the market for removing pimple in a day. But we can treat the pimple by simple home ingredients. They can treat the pimples but not the scars. Find below some of the easy ways of treating and prevent scars from pimples.

  • Cloves are made into a paste and applied on the pimples. This is a good curative thing for pimples but it creates scars. So we can use sandal and rose water instead of using cloves.
  • The pimple is caused by dirt and impurities. We should wash face at least twice a day with cool water whenever we come home from outside.
  • We should avoid exposing our skin to the sun if we have a pimple. The ultraviolet rays from the sun affect the skin cells and pimples and leave a scar.

How to Treat Pimples From Home Simply?

  • The face mask which is apt for a pimple is sandal and rose water. This will avoid the scars. By doing all the above the scars from pimples can be treated.
  • Pimples can be treated by using olive oil and cucumber massage. Ice cubes can also be used. The Natural curative for a pimple is aloe. The aloe gel is applied on the face and a 1-2 minute massage is made and washed with cool water. It will provide an instant glow to the skin.
  • The pimples can be treated with a cucumber face mask. It helps to remove the dirt. Grind cucumber and add some milk and lemon juice. Mix it well and apply on the face and massage it for 2minutes. After it gets dried, it should be washed with cold water. It can be done 3-5 days for making the skin glow and pimples will sign off.

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