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What is Moisturizer? and What are their Benefits?

How long can we withstand without water? How is that possible? We can live even without food and survive by drinking water. But if there is no water? It is very difficult to survive. Right? The same principle is applied for the skin too. To clean the skin, you use the soap and face wash.

To avoid blackening sunscreen is used. You put to make to show yourself beautiful. But you forget to give the water content to the skin which is very essential for the skin to avoid getting dry. There are 3 fundamental things in skin maintenance. And we have seen the cleansing and toning in the last articles. Next is moisturizing.

What is Moisturizer?

Providing moisture content to the dried skin is called moisturizing. It is important to all the man and women who have crossed 20 years of age. It is not necessary to explain how much our environment is polluted. To avoid the skin getting affected by it, moisturizing is important.

Why it is Necessary?

It is necessary to do cleansing according to the skin type, toning to balance the pH level and to retain the moisture, we have to use moisturizer. This is the routine that should be followed regularly.

What are the Benefits of Moisturizer?

To Get Rid of Warts and Freckles

Moisturizer is the thing that penetrates into the skin. While using the moisturizer in the day time the moisturizer will make the pores open and enters into the skin. At the same time, the dust and the impurities in the environment will also enter into the skin along with the moisturizer and blocks the skin pores.

When this blockage occurs warts and freckles will appear on the skin. If one wart appears on the face or neck, there will increase ten to fifteen within a year. The main reason for this is the chronic stagnation of dust in the skin, the sebum secreted by the skin and applying moisturizer in the day time and going in the polluted areas. So, moisturizer will help always to get rid of warts and freckles.

To Get Rid of Aged Look

Now a day’s the girls in ’20s are looking aged at the young age itself. Their stress level, the pressure in the working place, environment, unhygienic and malnutrition are some reasons for this. Pizza, burger, aerated drinks are taken more by them which is of more heat in nature. That is why the girls get 10 years old look than their age. To prevent this we have to protect the skin. So, moisturizer is the only and necessary solution to this problem.

To Get Rid of Wrinkles

Now a day’s air condition is unavoidable in all the places like houses, institutions, and offices. While residing in the AC room the natural moisture content of the skin is reduced. So the skin gets wrinkles automatically and the skin becomes dull. To get rid of all this, using the moisturizer is important.

How Moisturizer Works?


Alright. Why we have to do this only at night? All our organs will take rest only in the nights. But the skin will be active at this time. It will respire. Blood circulation and oxygen will go to all other organs and finally reach to the skin. At the time of rest, other organs will take rest and the skin will get the blood circulation and oxygen more.

At the same time, the moisturizer used by us will reach the second and third layer and it will activate the cells. Collagen and elastin cells are present in the third layer of the skin. While using the moisturizer it impulses the collagen, elastin in the third layer. So the age marks present in the skin will decrease and so as the skin glows much.  That is why we have to use moisturizers at night.

Next… How to choose a moisturizer according to our skin type?

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