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Almond Oil Benefits for Skin Care

We use to have food grains for being healthy. Almond nuts hold the first place in providing a good taste and keeping the body healthy. Almond nut is not only eaten as a whole for being healthy but also the almond oil extracted from this provides a great beauty to the skin.

Almond Oil Benefits for Skin Care

All the natural oils are good in providing beauty to the skin. Almond is very important in that. For the maintenance of the skin, using chemical creams is harmful. But these oils provide good effect on the skin. Almond oil is suitable for all types of skin. It is ideal for dry skin than other types of skin.  Since this oil is very low in density the skin absorbs the oil immediately. So massaging the skin with almond oil makes the skin smooth and removes the cracks in the skin.

The only solution for the cracks in the lips is almond oil. It should be used like a lip gloss. Take 5-6 drops of almond oil. Mix it well with a tea spoonful of honey. Have it in a container and apply it on the lips as and when it becomes dry. Applying this mixture regularly the cracks in the lips will vanish and the lips will become smooth and the complexion will also improve.

Almond oil contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B in an enormous amount. It can be used for avoiding wrinkles in the skin and the new cells will be synthesized. So the skin becomes glowing and will keep you young.

Almond oil provides benefits to the skin. It removes the dark circles and black spots. For that almond oil can be applied on the face and under the eye and also on the dark spots using cotton and massaged for some time. If we continue doing it the face becomes spotless.

Almond oil is used in facials too. When we do facials with this, unwanted impurities and the dead cells are removed. For that one teaspoon of almond oil along with the sugar applied on face and allowed it to dry. Then wash with water. By doing this the face reflects beauty than before.

There are so many ways to for keeping the skin beautiful. Face pack and face mask are some of the better ways. Those face packs and masks can be made from natural things instead of using chemicals in beauty parlour for avoiding side effects. There are many types in face pack. One among them is Almond face pack.

Almond is used to treat the dryness, oiliness and wrinkles in the skin. Before applying face pack the face should be cleaned with the cleanser. Gel cleanser is used for dry skin. For dry skin milk and lotions can be used for dry skins. For increasing the pores open a small scrub is to be done. If we do like this the face pack application effect will be good.

Now let us see how to apply almond face pack for various skin types: The face pack which is suitable for all types of skin:

Almond – 5 No’s,

Milk – 1 teaspoon,

Water – 1 cup,

Rosewater -1 teaspoon,

Almond oil – 4 drops.

Usage instructions: Almond is to be soaked overnight in water. Then peel the skin and grind it with milk. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. Apply this to face and leave it undisturbed for 20 mins. Then wash it after massaging for some time. If it is done thrice, the skin becomes so soft and glows.

For Dry skin:

The overnight soaked almond is peeled, grind and mixed with rosewater, glycerin and made like a paste. This paste is applied on the face. It is washed with lukewarm water or wiped out with cotton after it gets dried.

For wrinkled skin:

Almond is grind without adding water then made into a paste with rose water. Add one teaspoon of honey and one egg white. Apply this mixture on face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wipe it with wet cloth. The wrinkles in the skin will be removed by this.

Almond is not only good for maintaining health and beauty of the skin but also for maintaining hair. So let us have almond in our regular diet, applied as face mask and the oil applied to hair and maintain our beauty. By using all the above methods it plays a vital role in the cosmetics. If we use this regularly we can bring change in our beauty.

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