What is Cleanser and How to do a Cleanse?

It is very rare that people do not wish to be beautiful. But it is not possible to become beautiful by all of them. It will catch only those who do things for maintaining beauty. So maintenance is very important to keep all the parts from head to toe. While talking about the maintenance of beauty it is necessary that everyone should know about cosmetics, their necessity, to whom it will be suitable, how to chose them, how to use them. This is the series in which we elaborately know about from the primary step of skin maintenance, and making the head to toe beautiful by a salon expert. It is a treasure that every girl should keep this protective.

Cleansing is the foremost step in skin maintenance. So we know about what is cleanser? Whey do we need cleanser? What are the uses of cleanser? and How to do a cleanse? Here is the A to Z information about cleansing.

What is Cleanser?

The cleanser removes the dead cells along with makeup, sweat, dust, and oil. It improves the blood circulation and makes the cosmetics penetrate into the skin evenly. Cleansing the skin is the primary and essential step of skin maintenance. So, not properly cleansed skin may become dry, or oily or even develops pimples.

Why do We Need Cleanser?

If we have oily skin we can use soap or ordinary face wash. But these do not remove the natural oil content of the skin. Many of the face washes contain sodium lauryl sulfate which removes the oil content of the skin. The cleanser removes the dirt and keeps the pH level balanced. This makes the skin soft and protects conserve moisture.

What are the Uses of Cleanser?

It removes the dead cells, makeup, sweat, oil, and dust and also relaxes the pores, removes the black spots and prevents the pores from getting blocked by the dust particles. Proper cleansing will make the dry skin moisturized. The excessive content is controlled by the cleanser. It opens the pores in the skin and allows it to respire.  

How to do Cleanse?

What is Cleanser

Things required to do cleansing: Headband, cotton, wide bowl, cleanser suitable for your skin type, pure water, and facial tissue.

Before cleansing: Wash your hands well. By doing this we can avoid the dirt’s penetrating into the skin. Take the cleanser which is suitable for your skin type and massage on your face and neck in a circular motion. Don’t give much pressure while massaging. After the massage wipes the skin with another wet cotton. Cleanser can be done in the home itself.

Take a small quantity of cleanser, apply on your face and massage it for 5 minutes. Do this massage in the forehead and the T-zone i.e., from forehead to nose. These portions are very likely to have oil and dust and stay stagnant. So we have to give importance to these places. Then wipe out with wet cotton and wash with ordinary water. If you have dry skin or more pimples, don’t massage for so many times. 2 minutes massage will be enough.

How to Remove the Makeup?

To remove makeup: It is very important to remove the entire make up before going to bed. Take some oil-based cleanser and apply it on the face. Massage for 5 minutes and wipe out with wet cotton and then wash it with water. The skin will be young and wrinkle-less as far as we concern.

To remove eye makeup: Take a wet cotton cloth and put some oil-based cleanser or cleansing milk to apply around the eyes and massage it for 2 minutes and wipe out with wet cotton. So, if you wish to keep your skin young and beautiful start maintaining it from cleansing.

Next… Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type and making natural cleansers at home elaborately.

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