10 Harmful Fairness Creams Chemical Ingredients Used

Fairness Creams! There is good news for the people who feel much for being dark in color. If melanin production is more there will not be any problem to the skin. There will not be even foul smell in this type of skin.  When we go out in the hot sun the sun rays penetrate into the skin and the melanocytes get induced and so the melanin secretion increases. So our skin gets darker. In older days, the people have tried a lot to become fair.

Even after that for becoming fair, many people tried a lot of methods. Nowadays chemical mixed the cream, soap, bleaching and facial in the parlors, chemical peelings and treatments like microdermabrasion, botox all are done as fairness treatments. Our complexion is determined by our genes. We can make it bright. But Whitening is not possible. It is important to know the harmful chemical ingredients which are used in the fairness creams and treatments.

#1. Hydroquinone


It is used in most of the skin lightening treatments. It is considered as a bleaching agent. It is banned in Japan, Europe, and Australia. If it is used for a long time without cosmetologist’s advice it may lead to the stage of Ochronosis which is blackening of the skin. The bleaching agent hydroquinone which is used in the fairness creams may be taken side effect less if used from 3% to 4%. Many companies hide the percentage of bleaching agents. If we use it continuously the skin will become light and will become sensitive and can’t tolerate the environment.

#2. Kojic Acid

This Kojic acid is obtained from the mushrooms. If we prevent the melanin to the stratum corneum which is the upper layer of the epidermis we can prevent the face from getting dark. Kojic acid contains vitamin C.

#3. Retinoic Acid

This fairness cream contains Vitamin A and it is capable of removing the outer layer of the skin. So the lower skin will come out and the people look brighter. Most of the cosmetologists use this retinoic acid along with the hydroquinone and the steroid cream and use it for the fairness treatments. Sometimes it might affect the skin. If it is used more the skin may be burnt and will become reddish.

#4. Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid

The antioxidant molecules present in the citrus fruits are used in fairness treatment. It is not suitable for sensitive skin.

#5. Lactic Acid

It is used to remove the dead cells with the help of lactic acid present in the milk and the curd and so helps in increasing the complexion. It contains no side effects. So the new cells will be produced in the skin which contains no melanin gives a bright look to the skin.

#6. Arbutin

This is also a healthy and side effect less treatment. The arbutin molecules which are obtained from the berries like Strawberry, mulberry, pear berry and blackberry are used in increasing the complexion. Arbutin treatment is the most expensive one. Normally in fairness creams, severe bleaching agents are used since it can only make the complexion fair.

#7. Steroids

Steroids in fairness creams are used in mainly the fairness creams which are in the category of faster and better results. But it can cause permanent scars, pimples, skin allergies, and permanent blackening.

#8. Mercury

Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong have identified that there is mercury in the fairness creams after researching 36 creams brands. In that 7 products are from China and 5 from Taiwan. The side effects may affect the nervous systems. Mercury is a neurotoxin. It may even fail the kidney.

#9. Hexavalent Chromium

The fairness products mixed with this can cause cancer. But these are not in India. We can be happy out of it.

#10. Mercurous Chloride

This chemical contains fairness products with these molecules affect the urinary system and the nervous system.

In some creams, they may contain the steroids which sometimes stop the melanin secretion. Due to this, the skin may become fair. But the side effects will be more. No worry! Go natural and create your own natural fairness cream. Next, try these amazing homemade face packs that can be prepared easily at home for increasing skin complexion.

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