Benefits of Using Face Powders, their Ingredients and Usage

We will be satisfied only after applying powder for even a just born baby. We feel that there are some defects when we don’t apply powder. It has become that the powder is the important thing for the bright face. Powder plays a vital role in makeup too. The ingredients we are using in the name of powder in different fragrances, kinds, qualities are true? Not. There are different types of powders for daily use, makeup and skin problems. Let us see the A to Z information about the types of face powders and their functions, benefits of using face powders etc.

Benefits of Using Face Powder

The face powder plays a vital role in the makeup. The powder will give an even look to the skin along with the foundation. It will be helpful to remove the oiliness of the skin and the patches. We cannot do a makeover without powder. We can even say that the powder makes the makeup very bright. For instance, if we use eye shadow and if we apply just one coat of the powder it will be bright. The blush which is used to show the cheeks effective is applied over the powder.

Face powder not only enhance your beauty, but they also have numerous benefits while using like reduces sweat production, helps to stop body odor and preventing fungal infections too.

We use to think of the powder that we apply after the bath. That is talc. There are two types of powder namely talc and talcum. Talcum is the one in which the talc is filtered and mixed with color or not. Talc is a little rough powder. For example, the powder which is used for prickly heat is the talc. It is poring and is a little bigger. So it is not necessary to be very fine since we are using it for our body. It is used while after bathing, to keep dry, antibacterial effect and for fragrance and the sweat, prickly heat, to avoid the blisters.

We feel refreshed for a long time when we apply the talc after bathing and wiping the wetness and if we wear a dress. We will not feel wet or sweat. We should take a bath after we reach home or before going to bed. If the talc is present in the body for a longer time the pores will be blocked. So after some time it should be removed and cleaned after that we want to be applied again.

Some may feel fresh when they apply talc while going to bed. But do not be with the talc all the time. If it is in the body for a half-day be without the talc for another half a day.

Types of Face Powder


In face powder available in four forms in the types of loose, pressed, translucent and tinted. We can hide the small defects in the skin by using powder. The skin will be very soft and oil-free. It acts as protection for our skin from the pollution in the environment.

The Ingredients in Face Powder

The main ingredient in the powder is talc. Sometimes the mica-based powders are also used. The talc-based powder is the one which we use normally for the body and it will be white in color. The particles will be a little bigger so it will be showy. In the latest trend called mineral makeup, the mica-based powder is used. It is not seen. It is available in the skin tone itself.

All the powders will have the titanium-dioxide. This contains white colored pigment. We can make use of this powder to show even the dusk skin to a bright one. Now the ultra-foundation powder is available in the market. We can say that as the camera-based powder. We can use it for high definition makeup. We can hide the very small defects of the skin with this.

It is possible to minimize the bigger particles of the powder into very microparticles through micronization. Then color or binder is mixed and converted into loose powder or pressed powder. Titanium-di-oxide is mixed in all the pressed powders. It helps in getting the even appearance of the skin.

What is loose powder? What is pressed powder? Choosing the compact powder, whether the baby powder is safe, what is medicated powder? All of these can be discussed in the next article.

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