Different Types Of Face Powders And Their Functions

We have seen about the powder types for after bath application, coolness to the body, face powder and makeup powder and its uses in the previous article. We can discuss the leftover things of different types of face powders, their functions, and usages etc. in this article briefly.

Types of Face Powders

Loose Powder

types of face powder-loose-powder
The loose powder contains oil or gum is mixed and available many shades in different usage and available in all colours. There is a colour called lilac and it would be amazing while we see in artificial light. Now many people love to use the yellow powder for skin brightness on suntanned. Many people will have pimples and red rashes. They may use the light green mixed powder. These are available for the usage of the beauticians. The powder which is available easily is iridescent. It will give a gloss and it is suitable for the evening makeup.

Pressed Powder

It contains gum. Most of us use this for makeup. We can call it as also compact powder. The working women can use this daily to be very fresh and bright.

Compact Powder

Types of Face Powder-compact-powderCompact powder is also the pressed powder and it has available more colours. The translucent and transparent powders are pressed with more pressure and compressed and packed in a small pack is called compact. We can call it as a pressed powder or compact powder. Compact has the product called only powder along with the puff. It has the dual finish powder too. It will have a small sponge with pores downwardly. If it is used dry it will be like powder and if we use the sponge wet and apply it, then it will give an effective makeup. It has shades suitable for fair skin and also for the dark skin. We can choose the names or the numbers varying to the brands. We can choose very fair, fair, ivory and beige commonly.

Baby Powder

Types of Face Powder-baby-powderBaby powder will be delicate than talc and talcum. The baby’s skin will be very delicate and we should use the powder which is softer than that. Normally the baby powders will not have the fragrance or colour and will not cause any allergy to the skin. We can apply after the bath that too after wiping out the wetness. We can apply the body fold near the diaper. Don’t use the powder often to the children. The powder for adults will have more fragrance. So do not use the powder to the babies. Use the powder to the babies only which is of a good brand.

Medicated Powder

Types of Face Powder-medicated-powderThere are two types namely anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powder. Some may be mixed with both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. We can use anti-bacterial powder for normal itching and mixed powder for fungal infections. Anti-fungal powder is very popular nowadays. The powder is prescribed by the doctors after bath on the body folds (Intertrigo) for the fungal infections. It will help to prevent rashes. The folding may be more if they are fat and more sweat. If they are dry they may avoid the friction in those parts. We can use the anti-fungal powder for body fold area infections through the water. Another type is antibiotic powder. It is prescribed by the doctors for the wounds.

The powder is useful while waxing too. The powder is applied at the places where the hairs should be removed and then waxing is done to make it easy.  In the same way powder is used in eyebrow threading. We can remove the hairs only if the places are dry and without sweat.  Pain will also be less. Dusting powder is used while doing pedicure.  The legs will be out of sweat. We can use this powder to avoid the foul smell while using shoe and socks.

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