Causes And Prevention Of Underarm Odor

It is necessary to know the Prevention Of Underarm Odor? In summer, if some people just raise their hands in a crowded bus or in office the sweat odor will make us uncomfortable and intolerable.

Causes and Prevention of Underarm Odor

The main cause of the odor in underarms is sweat. Sweat comes in places where there is no proper aeration. It is one of the areas where it occurs due to a lack of aeration is underarm. But in fact, sweat is good for our bodies. It usually cools the body and keeps the body temperature in hot summer, heavy exercises and at the time when the body becomes hot. But the sweat in the underarms usually brings feel discomfort to all of us.

It is a common problem for all adults. In general, the sweat, from wherever it secretes does not have a smell. The bacteria which grow in the oil and the sweat of the skin gives the foul odor to sweat.

The hair is present in the underarms, excessive sweat secretion, wearing synthetic dresses, infection of microorganisms are the main causes of underarm odor. We cannot completely prevent the odor, but the main factor is to remove the hair in underarms.

What is the Relationship Between the Underarm Hair and the Foul Odor?

The hair keeps the sweat for a long time. At that time, bacteria grow very quickly. These bacteria spread the smell. There will be three benefits of removing the hair. We won’t feel uncomfortable to see the armpits. It decreases the sweat smell and will not disturb others. Thirdly, if it is not kept clean, the infections may occur and due to that tumors may arise.

What are the Types to Remove the Underarm Hair and Which is Best?

There are four types namely laser, razor, wax and cream. In this, if laser treatment is done once, there won’t be hair growth in the underarms, but it is costly and have to spend $300 to $400 for this. In spite of this, there are injections like botox, which are capable of controlling the sweat in the underarms. But it is costly and works only for 4-5 months.

Is it Right to Use Deodorants to Prevent the Smell?

It can be used. Many people think that both perfumes and deodorants are the same. Perfumes only will give pleasant smells. But a good quality deodorant controls the secretion of the sweat and capable of fighting the bacteria. Perfumes should be sprayed on the cloth and the deodorants should be sprayed directly on the body. But the deodorants containing aluminum if used continuously may cause cancer.

What Can be Done to Keep the Underarms in the Normal Skin tone?

It is general that necks, the upper part of the thighs and the underarms being a little dark. It is also common that there will be fungus infection often in these places. If fungus infection comes once, it will stay black even if it is cured. When the people are obese the darkness will be a little heavy. There is no way to change this. We have to be cautious and prevent this.

  • We may wear cotton dresses which absorb wetness
  • Daily before going to bed, we have to wash the underarms and wipe out the wetness.
  • There is a close relationship with the sweat and the food. For instance, we may avoid onion, garlic, and masala rich food in the summer.
  • We have to bring the habit of taking a bath twice a day. We have to concentrate on the underarms and wipe out with a clean towel. After taking bath we can wipe the wetness and use deodorants, baby powder or talcum powder.
  • Somebody used to fold the used cloths in the bureau without washing it. The already deposited salts in the sweat and the foul odor will be there. And they use to wear it again in rotation. If men, they can use the innerwear with a sleeve in the summer. So that there will not be marks of sweat directly.

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