Harmful Chemicals Used In The Perfumes And Their Effects

‘A rose is a rose is a rose’ is the wording which never suits the perfume. If you think that the rose smelling perfume is prepared with the ton of roses then you are cheated. All of them are chemical. The 95% of chemicals which are used in the manufacturing of perfumes are from petroleum. FDA report says that the 30 percent reason for allergy is due to the perfumes.

The chemicals which are added into the perfumes determine the smell of it. Mild chemicals are used for mild smell and strong chemicals are used in strong smelling perfume. Maximum numbers of chemicals which are used in this are toxic. Here are some hidden harmful chemicals used in the perfumes and their harmful effects of health, based on the cosmetics industry data.

Hidden Harmful Chemicals Used in the Perfumes

chemicals used in the perfumes


Which gives the fruit smell. These are dangerous like causing cancers.


This chemical may cause a headache, weakness, vomiting, numbness, and shivering. If it is added in excess quantity it may even cause epilepsy.

Musk Tetralin

It is dangerous and it can affect the brain and the spinal cord.


It affects the hormone glands and the reproductive organs. This chemical is used in cosmetics which are with flavors and colors.

Styrene Oxide

This chemical causes the stress and the allergy on the skin as well as the eye irritation.


It is obtained from petroleum crude oil. It affects the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart and nervous system. It will also cause a headache, memory loss, brain damage and also hearing loss.

Since the perfumes are the mixture of thousand chemicals it is not tested for safety with all the chemicals. Even it is not mentioned on the perfume bottles that all the chemicals. These products may cause a headache, eye irritation, and asthma easily.

More fragrant perfumes cause respiratory diseases for 3 out of 4 people. If the pregnant ladies use the perfume it may affect the baby. It causes infertility in a male. So we should avoid using the perfume daily and even if we use it occasionally we should choose the safe one. And we should stop using it if we get any symptoms of allergy or some other problems.

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